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10. März

15:30 - 17:00


W1 - Zentrum für junge Kultur

kostenlos - mit Anmeldung


How do you approach the development of a story? What ingredients are needed to develop a concept into a film? In this workshop, you will be provided with tools to develop an idea for a new film project and learn how to craft a screenplay from that idea. You will take the initial steps of story development, understand what a 'Beatsheet' is, and explore what a professional screenplay looks like. By the end, you will have a 'Logline' and perhaps even a short 'Pitch' for your first screenplay. Please bring writing materials! This workshop is organized in collaboration with the Media Advisory Service for the Oberpfalz district. The speaker, Lavina Stauber, works as a freelance screenwriter and editor for BR, and also hosts her own podcast.

Host: Lavina Stauber

Number of participants: 10–15 people, Age: 16 and above, The workshop is free, we kindly ask for registration via email at:


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