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A Wall

is a Screen

The cat's howl conquers the urban space! It wanders through early-night alleys, meows from abandoned street corners, and climbs up building facades because: A WALL IS A SCREEN is coming back to Regensburg. The artist group from Hamburg has been offering special city walks since 2003, now spanning across the globe. With short films meticulously tailored to the surroundings both thematically and architecturally, they guide interested individuals and passersby through the nighttime urban space of Regensburg. A WALL IS A SCREEN has already been invited to the festival in Regensburg four times in past years. For the 30th anniversary, they will also incorporate the city of Regensburg's cultural theme into their short film walk. The great thing about it: the tour is free, and anyone can spontaneously join.


March 8th



Steinerne Brücke (Innenstadt)

freier Eintritt
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