The candidates in the window to the architecture

These 8 films can be found in this competition block and compete for the

  • Architecture Film Award (cross-competitive, Architecture Jury, EUR 1,500)

Here’s the list of nominees:

Iam Twisq
by Red Wong, Ray Mok (Hong Kong 2018)
by Louis Möhrle, Amélie Cochet (Switzerland 2019)
In Between
by Samir Karahoda (Kosovo 2019)
Julio Iglesias’s house
by Natalia Marín (Spain 2018)
Serial Parallels
by Max Hattler (Hong Kong, Germany 2019)
by Karl-Heinz Klopf (Argentinia, Austria 2018)
The headless Gatherer
by Igor Shin Moromisato (Brazil, Germany 2019)
The Uncomfortable
by Suan Seol (South Korea 2019)