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Internationaler Wettbewerb

Hannes Vartiainen

Hannes Vartiainen (b.1980) has been making documentary films together with Pekka Veikkolainen for the past decade. Their first film HANASAARI A (2009) won the short film prize of the town of Regensburg at the Short Film Week in 2010. Their films DEATH OF AN INSECT (2010) and GATES OF LIFE (2012) have also been shown in Regens- burg. Their films have been screened on every continent, including the Antarctica, winning numerous awards all over the world. Their latest film is an underwater full dome nature documentary called THE EM- BRACE OF THE OCEAN (2019), currently on show at the Finnish Science Centre Heureka.

Maria Stoianova

Maria Stoianova was born in Bulgaria but soon moved to Sweden with her fami- ly. She developed an interest in film early on and has worked within the film industry in various roles for over 15 years. Maria holds an MA in Film and Media Production from the Bedfordshire University in the UK. She started working in the festival sector in 2009 and joined Nor- disk Panorama shortly after. Since 2017, Maria is market -manager for Nordisk Panorama Market. The market promotes new Nordic short films and documentaries and hosts several pitching events, networking opportunities and talks during the festival as well as they compile an online catalog of around 250 new titles each year presented to the industry.

Jose Luis Urriago Novoa

Jose Luis Urriago Novoa graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente in Cali in journalism and communications studies. Duri- ng his university education he lived in five different countries and stu- died at prestigious universities such as the Universidad Nacional de Lima, the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus (Mexico), the Universidad Ramon Llul in Barcelona and the Freie Universität of Ber- lin. As an experienced producer, programmer, assistant director, event manager, media manager, cultural project manager, Jose has been in- volved in several projects in Latin America, Spain and Germany. His work was focused on creative content and curatorial work, but also on personnel management, event and project planning for film and documentary productions, film festivals and major events for enter- tainment companies. Since 2014 Jose is the festival director of the Berlin Panorama Colombia film festival, where he focuses especially on the presentation of current Colombian productions.

Jury der Jungen

Carlotta Stimpfle

Carlotta Stimpfle, born in Eichstätt, studies political science, cultural studies, and history at the University of Regensburg. There she is currently ac- tive in the media representation of the political science student council and in the application and coordination of events. She is a passionate museum visitor, with a predilection for impressionistic and expressionistic art. She has a great interest in staging fashion shows and has the peculiarity of cap- turing events through photos or videos. Films are a social event for her, which she combined with cinema visits from an early age. She is particularly interested in black and white films with a conscious use of music or socially critical films, but also in films with surreal forms of expression.

Lisamarie Berger

Lisamarie Berger, born in Erlangen, studies German and catholic religious education for teaching at grammar school in the 3rd semester at the univer- sity. Her hobbies are mainly acting (OVIGO-Theater and Festspielverein Oberviechtach) and singing (she was in the Anton-Bruckner-Musikschule Eslarn for 10 years). Her favorite films are for example FOREST GUMP, THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE BEAST (generally fairy tales) or HARRY POTTER. She is also a huge fan of musicals. So far, she has only done theatre and never made films herself, but she loves stories with surprising twists.

Elias Paquay Bäumler

Elias Paquay Bäumler, born in Nabburg, graduated from the Von-Müller- Gymnasium in 2019. He loves cinema and films more than his wallet would allow and has acquired a wide range of film knowledge over the years. In 2019 he finally discovered the film festivals in Regensburg for himself. Equipped with season tickets, he repeatedly neglected his health and social contacts there in order to watch as many films as possible with enthusiasm. He also plays handball and football and paints and draws a lot. He is cur- rently doing an orientation year at the Akademie für Gestaltung.

Marlene Stahl

Marlene Stahl, born in Regensburg, graduated from the Von-Müller-Gymna- sium Regensburg in 2019 and is currently in her preliminary studies of art at the Academy of Design in Andreasstadel. She would like to study communi- cation design at the Academy of Design in Munich or at the art school Burg Giebichenstein Halle. Her hobbies are singing and theatre: she was a jazz singer in the school‘s big band and played theatre for four years. Even today she regularly attends theatre performances with her parents. She was also an illustrator for the school newspaper Blickkontakt. She is currently active with Fridays For Future. There she is responsible for social media, contact with politicians and is always in charge of moderating events. She is also on the Creative Creator Team of Education First, a marketing video group.

Louis Eigenberger

Louis Eigenberger, born in Regensburg, graduated from the AMG in 2019. He is currently working as a school escort at a secondary school. In art classes he made a film with friends, which he enjoyed very much. He loves films because you can dive into another world through their stories. He en- joys discussing with others about films and about what the director wanted to achieve and show with his film. He follows many YouTube channels that deal with the topic of films and series. He is also a music enthusiast and has been playing guitar for several years and is part of a band.

Deutscher Wettbewerb

Sarah Adam

 Sarah Adam is a freelance curator, programmer and program adviser. Her practice evolves around documentary formats and short forms as well as the moving image in the public space. She was the festival director of the dokumentART 2018 in Neubrandenburg, Germany, and curates for the Hamburg International Short Film Festival, the Meto- polis CinemaHamburg and was part of the selection committee for the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival for several years. Sarah is a member of the B-Movie cinema collective in Hamburg, one of the founders of the Arab Filmclub and a member of the artist group A Wall is a Screen.

Isabell Spengler

 Isabell Spengler (Berlin) is an artist working in the field of Expanded Cinema. Her films are elaborate audio-visual compositions, branching out and connecting various forms of experimental and queer film and performance practice. Inhabiting a world of self-designed costumes, props, language, logic and time-structure, her fantastic looking pro- tagonists struggle to fit in, appropriate, transform or just live in the real environments they encounter. Since 2006 Isabell Spengler has created a series of conceptual films and installations, analyzing and mediating the construction of imaginary worlds in dialogues with colleagues, friends and her parents. Her works have been presented worldwide at festivals and exhibitions since 1998, including at the Berlinale, Mix New York Film Festival, International Short Film Festi- val Oberhausen, Images Festival Toronto, Festival du Nouveau Ciné- ma in Montréal, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo and at HAU (Hebbel Theater am Ufer) in Berlin. She has been teaching at various art colleges and uni- versities in Germany and North-America. From 2004 until 2014 she taught experimental film as a lecturer and as a guest professor at the Berlin University of the Arts.

films & installations (selection): Psychic Tequila Tarot (1998), Perma- nent Residents (2005), Telepathie Experiment I (2007), Syncpoint (2007), The Pitch (2008), LINT LENT LAND (2009), Vater, Mutter, was soll ich heute filmen? (2012), Vivianne Echo Starlight (2014), Two Days at the Falls (2015), Echo Chamber (2017), Elevator Status Dance (2020)

Sascha Keilholz

Sascha Keilholz is the director of the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg (IFFMH) since 2020. From 2009-2019 he was re- sponsible for Heimspiel – Das Regensburger Filmfest, from 2004-2011 as deputy editor-in-chief for critic.de. From 2000-2010 he worked as an editor for the editorial offices TV Film/Special Projects of NDR, from 2007-2019 as a research assistant at the Chair of Media Studies in Regensburg.


Alla Churikova

Alla Churikova was born in Russia in 1962 and was raised in Kiev, Ukraine. She completed her first qualification at the Kyiv National Uni- versity of Civil Engineering and Architecture (KISI). Shortly after her studies, she started as an animator and framer for Ukranimafilm. Bet- ween 1988 and 1999, she participated in about 20 animation projects in the Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Japan. In 1996, she had her first success as a director with her sand animation E=MC2. The animation won the award for the best debut at the International Animation Fe- stival Krok and the jury award at the International Film Festival Molo- dist. Since 2000 she has been living in Germany and has been wor- king as an independent director, framer, animator and background artist for Balance Film Dresden, Cartoon Film Berlin, Munich Animati- on, Trixter, MotionWorks Halle, Animoto, blue eyes Fiction, Black Fo- rest Films. In addition, she has worked as a lecturer at the Film Acade- my Baden-Württemberg, at the Technical University Deggendorf, at the SAE Institute, at the Fresenius college and at the Bavarian Acade- my for Television. In 2007, along with Dmitri Popov, she founded the Allanimation Film Production and School of Arts in Munich.

Andreas Eckl

Andreas Eckl was born in Regensburg in 1972. Since studying architecture in Munich, he has been working as an architect as the owner of his own office, based in Regensburg. As an architect, he has been a member and consultant on juries of architectural competitions. He has been active on the board of the Architekturkreis e.V. for seven ye- ars. The association promotes the quality of environmental design in urban development, architecture and open space planning with cultu- ral and political work. The idea to create the Architecture Film Award arose out of the preoccupation with the relationship between film and architectural work. Eckl is also a founding member of the association Forum Kreativwirtschaft Regensburg.

Adnan Softic

Adnan Softić works in an interdis- ciplinary way, investigating the relationships between architecture and violence, narration and exile, and deals with extraterritoriality, invisibility and postcolonial critique. In his first works he calls his artistic approach „post-traumatic entertainment“, which aims to bring together irreconcilable perspectives. Exhibitions and screenings, etc.: Martin-Gropius Bau, Berlin; Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich; Berlinische Galerie, Berlin (solo); MAXXI Museum, Rome; Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg; Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo (solo)…The current film BIGGER THAN LIFE won the 3sat Promotion Prize at the 64th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen as well as the Grand Prize of the International Competition at the 22nd International Short Film Festival Winterthur. 2016/2017 Softić was a scholarship holder of the Villa Massimo, Rome.


Martina Dobrusky

Martina Dobrusky was born in Münster in 1983 and grew up in the Ba- varian Forest. She works as a cinema manager at the Neues Maxim Kino in Munich. After an apprenticeship with a portrait and advertising photographer, she studied Photography and Media and the Fa- culty of Art and Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Biele- feld. After working in theater and as a freelance photographer and art director, she spent several years in film festival organization. Since 2016, she has been fully dedicated to the cinema. The new motto of the Neues Maxim cinema is: More short films in cinema!

Stefan Möhl

Stefan Möhl, born in Schwetzingen in 1976, studied technical compu- ter science at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim from 1996-2001. He then worked as a software developer for two years be- fore moving to the film media industry in 2004 and working as a freelance sound designer and rerecording engineer. The focus of his work can be found in animated and short films. Additionally, he designs and performs live sound with a physical theatre troupe. He lives in Munich with his wife and two children.

Martin Blankemeyer

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cf/Martin_Blankemeyer.jpgMartin Blankemeyer studied directing (ENSAV Toulouse: Ingénieur- Maître), media economics (FH Wiesbaden: Diplom-Medienwirt) and media law (Uni Mainz: LL.M.), completed further training courses such as the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris and the EAVE Producers Work- shop and has worked and worked for several companies as a produc- tion manager (DAS VERLANGEN – Golden Leopard in Locarno 2002), production manager (DIE FRAU DES POLIZISTEN – Special Jury Prize in Venice 2013) and producer (DER ROTE PUNKT – Bavarian Film Prize as Best Newcomer Producer 2008). Today, he is primarily active as a trainer and consultant, as an expert for film and media business and as a board member of the Munich Film Workshop.


Raphaela Herzog

„My passion is to create synergies, from which as many people as pos- sible can benefit. What I like best is being involved with people, art and culture.” Born in 1965 in the Ruhr area, she graduated from high school and trained to work in management positions in the hotel industry. She has been living in Regensburg with her family since 2001 and from then on started working in the culture sector. She started working at the Regensburg Theatre which reopened after renovation works. Here she could re-establish the sales team, manage the stage venues and start networking. She has gained a lot of artistic experience through diverse voluntary project management activities. She has be- en a member of the board of kulTür Regensburg e.V. since 2019. In Ja- nuary 2019, she began working as an assistant for the business ma- nagement of the Academy of Performing Arts Bavaria and is fascina- ted by the energy and the awareness of the young students, who are committed to adding an artistic touch to their lives.

Annette Ebmeier

Annette Ebmeier lives in Regensburg and is founder of the city magazine Regensburgnow.de and hotelmanager. She was born in 1975 in Bremerhaven and studied English, Geography and History of arts at the University of Regensburg. Since 2004 she is the manager of the Orphée hotels in Regensburg and since 2018 she edits the online magazine Regensburgnow.de. She loves movies and photography since she was a young girl.

Clemens Rudolph

Clemens Rudolph is a freelance producer and an artist for film, computer animation and computer graphics. He carries out projects in the fields of documentation, presentation, visualization and media art. One of his specialties is projections on facades (mapping). In Regensburg his work could be seen at the opening of the Marina Forum, at the open-air opera production Tosca of the Theater Regensburg in the harbor and since 2015 regularly at the Christkindlmarket Spitalmarkt in Stadtamhof. In 2020 his work will be part of the Water Light Festi- val in Brixen. Clemens Rudolph is also one of the two directors of the Regensburg Street Circus Festival Kulturpflaster (4.-6.9.2020) of the association Mischkultur and chairman of the Forum of Kreativwrit- schaft, the lobby group of Regensburg‘s creative industries.