The films in the International Competition

54 films from 42 different production countries were able to win a place in this section. These prizes are awarded by the expert jury and the audience:

Shortfilmpreis des Bayerischen Rundfunks (Main Festival Award, Best Film, International Jury, EUR 5,000).

Short Film Award of the City of Regensburg (Jury of the Youngs, EUR 1,000).

Architecture Film Award (Cross-competitive to a film produced in the EU, Architecture Jury, EUR 1.500).

Kinokneipen-Preis (for the film with the highest audience rating in the German or International Competition, EUR 333).

Here’s the list of nominees:

3 Logical Exits
Director: Mahdi Fleifel (United Kingdom 2020)
Director: Ross Hogg (United Kingdom 2019)
A Country in Moving Pictures
Director: Arjanmar Rebeta (Philippines 2018)
A Thousand Sails
Director: Hing Weng Eric Tsang (Hong Kong 2019)
Director: Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau, Yannick Nolin (Canada, Quebec 2019)
All Cats Are Grey in the Dark
Director: Lasse Linder (Switzerland 2019)
Director: Dekel Berenson (Ukraine, United Kingdom 2019)
Bab Sebta
Director: Randa Maroufi (Morocco, France 2019)
Bache Khor
Director: Mohammad Kart (Iran 2018)
Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes)
Director: Amanda Strong (Canada 2018)
Blessed Land
Director: Phạm Ngọc Lân (Vietnam 2019)
Director: Johann Lurf (Austria 2019)
Director: Veronika Schubert (Austria 2019)
Cuban Heel Shoes
Director: Julio Mas Alcaraz (Spain 2019)
Director: Veljko Popovic (Croatia, France 2018)
Driving Lessons
Director: Marziyeh Riahi (Iran 2019)
Eyes on the Road
Director: Stefanie Kolk (The Netherlands 2019)
Gronde Marmaille
Director: Clémentine Carrié (France 2018)
Director: Nara Normande (France, Brazil 2018)
Hard On
Director: Joanna Rytel (Sweden 2019)
Director: Tzee Zziung, Bennial Soo (Taiwan, Malaysia 2018)
How to Disappear
Director: Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klenger (Austria 2020)
Director: Michael Frei (Switzerland 2019)
Lake of Happiness
Director: Aliaksei Paluyan (Belarus, Germany, Spain 2019)
Director: Caroline Wallén, Sandra Isacsson (Sweden 2019)
New Land Broken Road
Director: Kavich Neang (Cambodia, Malaysia 2018)
Director: Agata Mianowska (Poland 2018)
Director: Tess Martin (The Netherlands 2019)
Portrait of Suzanne
Director: Izabela Plucińska (France, Germany 2019)
Director: Alexandre Siqueira (Portugal, Belgium, France 2019)
Director: Benjamin de Burca, Bárbara Wagner (Brazil, Canada, United States 2018)
Director: Jonas Schloesing (France 2019)
Director: Zgjim Terziqi (Kosovo 2019)
Sandoval’s Bullet
Director: Jean-Jacques Martinod (Ecuador 2019)
Director: Tong Jiage (China 2019)
Stay Awake, be Ready
Director: An Pham Thien (Vietnam, United States, South Korea 2019)
Director: Jola Bańkowska (Poland 2019)
Watermelon Juice
Director: Irene Moray (Spain 2019)
Sunny Side of the Street
Director: Andrew Kose (Indonesia, Australia 2019)
That which is to come is just a promise
Director: Flatform. (Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand 2019)
The Birthmark
Director: Pia Ilonka Schenk Jensen, Bernhard Hetzenauer (Mexico, Denmark, Norway, Austria 2019)
Director: Erica Scoggins (United States 2019)
The Moons of Palaver
Director: Eric Gaucher (Canada, Quebec 2018)
The Music Video
Director: Camille Poirier (Canada, Quebec 2019)
Director: Siegfried Fruhauf (Austria 2019)
Three Stories Inside a Rental Van
Director: Lewis Attey (Australia 2019)
Director: Larissa Odermatt (Switzerland 2019)
Director: Nikola Majdak Jr., Ana Nedeljkovic (Serbia, Slovak republic 2018)
Vinegar Baths
Director: Amanda Eu (Malaysia 2018)
Who Built the Cage?
Director: Paul Carpenter (United States 2019)
Why Slugs Have No Legs
Director: Aline Höchli (Switzerland 2019)
Wild Game
Director: Jerónimo Sarmiento (Estonia, Portugal, Colombia, United Kingdom 2018)
You are overreacting
Director: Karina Paciorkowska (Poland 2018)
Director: BALOJI _ (Belgium, Democratic Republic of the Congo 2019)