Impulse II – A short film program that will make you think. Our selection presents profound and challenging short films that are suitable for you as both a teen and adult viewer. Let the films inspire you and discover the world of short films in a new way. These films deal with complex issues and encourage you to engage with them and reflect on yourself. They offer you the opportunity to look at the world from different perspectives and to question your own opinion. Recommended for teens 16 years and older.

Sunday, 19. Mar 2023 // 18:00 Uhr @ W1 – Zentrum für junge Kultur Theatersaal
Thursday, 23. Mar 2023 // 19:00 Uhr @ W1 – Zentrum für junge Kultur Theatersaal
Sunday, 26. Mar 2023 // 16:00 Uhr @ Leerer Beutel Filmgalerie

The Record
Switzerland 2022, both, 8 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Jonathan Laskar
Production: Sophie Laskar-haller
An antique music instrument dealer receives a magical vinyl record from a traveller: “It reads your mind and plays your lost memories”. Obsessed by this endless record, the antique dealer listens to it again and again and the memories reemerge until one last and most painful memory is revealed: how he got separated from his mother on the Swiss border during World War II.

Shower Boys
Sweden 2021, color, 9 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Christian Zetterberg
Production: Liselotte Persson
After a heated training match with the team, twelve-year-old Viggo and Noel go home to challenge each other’s limits and masculinity. A sudden stop to an innocent game questions what a male friendship is allowed to be.

Pigeons: The Illusion of Harmony (engl.)
Germany 2022, color, 29 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Daniela Fritz
Production: Sylvia Jorde
A portrait about the street pigeons of Stuttgart and their human enemies and supporters. The documentary shows the all day life, struggle and joy of a pigeon living in a city and gives us an humorous insight in the pigeons’ emotions and thoughts with animated archive material. We also learn from human protagonists and it shows us: the topic of “pigeon plagues“ is not simple at all.

Free Fall
United Kingdom 2021, color, 19 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Emmanuel Tenenbaum
Production: Zangro Zangro
Tom is a young trader in a London bank, whose recent performance has put his job on the line. When the first plane hits the World Trade Centre on the morning of September 11th 2001, Tom, convinced that it’s a terrorist attack and not an accident, jumps into the biggest trade of his life.

Germany 2022, color, 3 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Adrian Jaffé
Production: Adrian Jaffé
All Blocks move to the rhythm until one steps out of line. This metaphor shows how traditional masculinity restricts personal development while growing up.

Belle River
Canada 2022, color, 10 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau, Yannick Nolin
Production: Jean-pierre Vézina
2019. Spring flooding in Mississippi hits record highs. In Louisiana, the residents of Pierre-Part are preparing for the worst. Barring an unexpected turn of events, local authorities will soon be forced to open the floodgates of the Morganza Spillway, in order to save the cities of New-Orleans and Bâton-Rouge from further uncontrolled flooding. Faith and resilience are the two best weapons they still have in the face of uncertainty.

The Party Manual
Germany 2019, color, 5 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Alina Cyranek
Production: Alina Cyranek
How to throw a party. A timeless instruction manual.