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For digital projection in cinema, DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is the world wide standard for digital projection. Thanks to free and open source software that allows DCP conversion on average home computers, the short film scene benefits, too. If you know how it’s done!
Carsten Kurz is the first choice when it comes to DCP-o-matic. He takes care of the German translation of the program and is in close contact with the English author of DCP-o-matic, Carl Hetherington, for constant exchange for further improvements.

After an initial introduction for a basic understanding of the program, Carsten Kurz guides us to the more advanced aspects of creating a DCP, such as complex layout structures, audio levels, subtitles or encryption and distribution. DCP-o-matic is first choice for a lot of filmmakers, festivals and cinema workers when it comes to format conversion from almost anything to DCP.

The focus of the workshop also depends on the questions of the participants.

Place and Date

Degginger, Wahlenstraße 17, 93047 Regensburg (Germany)
Sunday, March 19, 1 – 5 p.m. and Monday, March 20, 2017, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

About the workshop leader

Carsten Kurz, born 1967, studied photo engineering in Cologne, worked as self-employee in the growing field of computer-based audio and video processing. Since 2007 he voluntarily takes care of the projection and audio technique at the historical cinema in Frechen, which is operated by a film club. He further played an important role in upgrading the cinema from analogue to digital and is also member of the association’s board. Through his passionate interest in machines and documents he has gained large theoretical and practical knowledge on digital cinema techniques.

Saturday, March 16, 11-17 h - Basics

- DCP basics, program installation and configuration, typical use cases, practical recommendations
Own notebook can be brought along for briefing and experiments

Sunday, 17 March, 11-17 h - Experienced Users

- Subtitling and language versions, OV/VF
- DCP playback and verification
- Audio options and gain control
- Compilations of different video and audio sources
- extended DCP functionalities, quality considerations
- additional program components
- Internet Resources and Help
The workshop language depends on the participants' knowledge of German or English.

Monday, March 18, 11-17 h - Intensive Users

- Encryption and KDM creation
- further program components
- Certificates and data consistency
- special audio configurations
- Closed Captions, HI/VI-N
- encoding server
- Profiles and optimizations
- 3D DCPs


Degginger (Wahlenstraße 17, 93047 Regensburg), Workshop Room C.

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