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The 25th INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM WEEK REGENSBURG (short: SHORT FILM WEEK) is expected to take place from 11 to 18 March 2020. The festival is sponsored by the non-profit association Arbeitskreis Film Regensburg e.V. (AKF).
With the submission to our festival the following conditions are accepted:


1. Only short films up to a maximum length of 30 minutes are accepted.
2. The year of production of the submitted film is 2018 or 2019.
3. Only one film submission per filmmaker/director is allowed.
4. Films submitted in previous years may not be submitted again.
5. Submission period is from 01 June to 31 October 2019 inclusive.
6. The allocation to a competition category is determined by the country of production. For more information, see festival sections.
7. The pre-selection committee also proposes individual films from the submissions for special programmes.
8. A screening fee (film rental) is not paid for submissions.
9. A submission fee of EUR 10 will be charged for participation in the International Competition from August 1st. See also Fees.
10. KURZFILMWOCHE reserves the right to make changes.

Festival Sections

The organizers reserve the right to move individual films to other categories. It may also be decided to allow films of excessive length. All submissions will be reviewed by at least two independent persons. The juries will be present during the festival and will view with the audience. Under certain circumstances, this may not be the case.
1. International Competition
Open to all genera, genre and production countries. Maximum film length: 30 minutes.
Entry fee: EUR 10.
Jury: International Jury, Jury of the Young, Architecture Film Jury, Audience.
Possible prices: Short Film Award of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (Main Festival Award, EUR 5,000), Short Film Award of the City of Regensburg (EUR 1,000), Architecture Film Award (EUR 1,500), Cinema Pub Award (Audience Award, EUR 333).
2. German Competition
Only for productions from Germany. Open to all species. Maximum film length: 30 minutes.
Entry fee: none
Jury: German jury, architecture jury, audience.
Possible prices: Candis Award (Best Film, EUR 1,500), Max Bresele Memorial Award (EUR 500), Architecture Film Award (EUR 1,500), Cinema Pub Award (Audience Award, EUR 333).
3. Window to Architecture
Only for films from the EU-countries. Open to all species. Maximum film length: 30 minutes.
Entry fee: none
Only for films that are particularly concerned with the subject of architecture.
Jury: Architecture film jury.
Prize: Architecture Film Award (EUR 1,500).
4. Window to Bavaria
Only for productions from the Free State of Bavaria. Open to all species. Maximum film length: 30 minutes.
Entry fee: none
Jury: FFF Bayern Jury, Architecture Jury.
Possible prices: FFF Bavaria Award (EUR 1,500), Architecture Film Award (EUR 1,500).
5. Window to the Region
Only for productions from Eastern Bavaria (German postcode ranges starting with: 84, 92, 93 and 94). Open to all species. Maximum film length: 30 minutes.
Entry fee: none
Jury: FFF Bayern Jury, Regionalfenster Jury.
Possible prices: FFF Bavaria Award (EUR 1,500), Award (EUR 500).
6. Special Programs
Film submissions can be screened in the special programme or in the competition. The special programmes are curated programmes from submissions and/or archive films. Special programmes include, for example, school events, country focus programmes, children’s and youth programmes.
The selection is incumbent on the respective curators. The request for a special program also includes a short description of the program.
Viewing copy

Viewing copy

1. Preview copies in non-English or non-German language must provide English subtitles.
2. Trailers will not be accepted.
3. Submissions requiring registration for download or review will be ignored.
4. Submissions that are postponed/deleted during the review phase will be ignored.
5. Password-protected submissions for which there is no password or an incorrect password will be ignored.
6. Do not send unsolicited additional information material (dialogue list, trailers, press material, etc.).

Published Data

1. The information of the selected films for the catalog and the website, in particular contact, film metadata and synopsis, will be used as the basis for the editorial preparation as indicated on submission.
2. Submitter are aware that information about the film, especially names of contributors and contact data will be published in printed matter and on the website.
3. KURZFILMWOCHE reserves the right to make changes.

Selection Procedure, Approvals and Rejections

1. Each submission will be evaluated by at least two independent evaluators and proposed for the competition and/or special programs.
2. The final selection of the competition films as a list is expected to be published on the festival’s homepage on February 1, 2020 and also on the social networks of KURZFILMWOCHE.
3. In addition, the submission of a selected film will be contacted by email.
4. In the case of submission via Shortfilmdepot, the status and receipt of notification of the submission must be checked.
5. A withdrawal of a selected film by the submitter must be reported no later than 5 days after official acceptance.
6. Cancellation of submission is usually made by 11 February 2020 by email.

Screening Copy

1. The projection format is a DCI compliant DCP 2K with 24 FPS InterOP or 25 respectively 30 FPS interOp or SMPTE.
2. If no DCP can be sent, the KURZFILMWOCHE can create a DCP.
3. the DCP starts with the first frame and ends with the last frame. Screening copies with black lead, technical lead or trail are not accepted.
4. DCPs in a non-English or non-German language must have English subtitles. Subtitles should be open (not burned into the image). We also recommend English subtitles for German films.
5. The title-safe area must also and especially be observed for subtitles. Films in scope container may be cropped at the top and bottom.
6. The submitter is responsible for the timely delivery of an unencrypted and checked DCP by 11 February 2020.
7. A non-DCP for the offline media library and as a backup is mandatory.
8. The KURZFILMWOCHE must be informed promptly of any problems with the screening copy.
9. Details for dispatch / upload / download will be sent together with the confirmation.


1. All rights, including music and image rights, are incumbent on the submitter.
2 The KURZFILMWOCHE, or the Arbeitskreis Film Regensburg e.V., assumes no liability. Any claims of third parties will be forwarded to the submitting party.
3. The KURZFILMWOCHE is granted the temporary right to submit a short film free of charge within the framework of the festival. This includes the provision in the local media library for accredited trade visitors, school presentations, application for the KURZFILMWOCHE (excerpts for the trailer), as well as exploitation within the framework of pre- and post-flight programs (such as audience favorites and award-winning films) a maximum of two weeks before and after the festival.
4. The KURZFILMWOCHE might archive a copy of the films shown in the festival archive.
5. Screening copies are insured with the copy value.
6. Sending of demonstration copies from non-EU countries must be accompanied by the customs declaration “For cultural purposes only, shipment has no commercial value”. The proforma invoice may not exceed EUR/US$ 10.00.
7. If additional costs for the KURZFILMWOCHE should arise due to an incorrect statement, these will be invoiced to the submitting party.
8. The submitter is responsible for the timely delivery of the Screening copy and bears all costs thereof. The festival assumes the costs for a timely forwarding or return..


1. A submission fee of EUR 10 will be charged for the International Competition from August 1.
2. Small expenses are incurred for the service of the Shortfilmdepot submission platform. The KURZFILMWOCHE has no influence on this.
3. The KURZFILMWOCHE creates DCI-compliant and tested DCPs from the master. The DCP can be purchased for further use for a fee. Please contact film administration for more details.

Contact and postal address

The contact options are here listed.

Award Founders

The KURZFILMWOCHE would like to thank the prize donors and long-term partners:
Bayerischer Rundfunk, City of Regensburg, FFF Bayern, Schmack Immobilen GmbH,, Architekturkreis Regensburg, TANO, Bund Deutscher Bauherren, Kartenhauskollektiv, Kinokneipe, Filmgalerie.

Film Submission

Submission is possible from 1 June to 31 October. For the Window to the Region up until 31 December 2019.
Proceed with film submission!