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Thoughts about short films

There’s no such thing as THE short film. Yet the short film is there. It manifests itself in most wonderful multiplicity and vitality. It is a many splendoured thing, touching on all genres and techniques. It plays with abstract forms, tells stories, gives testimony and dares to experiment. It needs a shorter or longer time. It is made in kitchens, in studios, with analogue equipment or on the computer only. It is brought to life all over the world by film students who revel in their medium for the first time, by well-known film giants, and obsessive doers of handicrafts. It promises a lot and seldom lets us down; however, it is barely visible.

Our competition selection

Each year we receive several 1.000 entries in total and it is our responsibility to select the best of them as the International Short Film Week Regensburg aims to present an adequate and representative selection of the enormous diversity of the worldwide short film making in the international competition. For German films there is the German Competition and regional productions can be seen in the “Window To Bavaria” and “Window To The Region”. All competition claim to be up to date: the shown films are not older than two years.

The special programs

Beside our competitions we curate special programmes and provide a platform for guest curators and specfic projects. Well known for several years are Cinema mi Vida, a retrospective on a short film artist, and Cinema mi Amor wich shows the influence of other short films on the curator’s work. Since our cooperation with the Goethe-Institut our special focus on a country has become much more political weight.

The framework programs

Additional exhibitions, lectures and discussions focussed on the issue of short film next to the cinema, like video art, music videos or cross-media projects, including the legendary Plattenfilme or Poetry in Motion.
The development of the next generation is important to us. We offer workshops and screenings for children as well as school screenings with media education support.

Our basement: The Arbeitskreis Film Regensburg e.V.

In addition to the International Short Film Week Regensburg the Arbeitskreis Film Regensburg e.V. (AKF) runs one film theater showing two or three films a day in the tradition of non-mainstream theaters. In summer the Arbeitskreis Film e.V. has an open-air festival, the Regensburg Silent Film Week with live musicians, the oldest festival of its kind in Germany.


AG Kurzfilm

It is our aim to drag the short film, which is as good as non-existent in the programmes of cinemas and television, out of its hiding place and to offer it a stage on which to present itself properly to a wider public – through and during the International Short Film Week Regensburg. That’s why we are also member of AG Kurzfilm (the German Short Film Association). This association‘s ambition is to generally improve public awareness of German short films.

Plattform of Bavarian film festivals

The International Short Film Week Regensburg is involved in setting up a new network for all Bavarian film festivals, an association named „Plattform bayerischer Filmfestivals“ is visable at the horizon.