Prize Winners 2017

Winners of the 23rd International Short Film Week Regensburg

Which film won which Prize in which category?

International Competition

The main prize, the Bavarian Television Short Film Prize, including a prize money of 5.000 Euro and chosen by the international judges (Anastasia Lobanova, Alexia Roider, Pim Zwier) goes to Limbo by Konstantina Kotzamani.

The Jury of the Young (Lola Wagner, Marc Roggensteiner, Ludwig Michel, Florian Danner) has honored the film Mon Derniere Été by Claude Demers with the Short Film Prize of the town of Regensburg, endowed with 1.000 Euro.

German Competition

For the Short Film Week Prize, endowed with 1.500 Euro, the Jury of the German Competition (Jenni Zylka, Volker Steinkopff, Jörn Staeger) chose the film Mr. and Mrs. Müller by Dominique Klein.

The Max-Bresele-Memorial Prize, sponsored by Kartenhaus Kollektiv and including a prize money of 500 Euro, goes to Then indeed there´s got to be, what do I know, something good by Florian Andreas Dedek.

Window to Architecture

The Architecture Film Prize, including a prize money of 1.500 euro, was donated by the Ferdinand Schmack jun. GmbH, the Treffpunkt Architektur Niederbayern-Oberpfalz of the Bavarian Chamber of architects and the Bund Deutscher Baumeister and the jury (Marianne Sperb, Laura Engelhardt, Andreas Emminger) gives it to every-one by Willi Dorner.

Bavarian Competition

The Jury (Helena Hufnagel, Farina Palmas, Kathrin Anna Stahl) decided to give the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern subsidy prize of 1.500 Euro to the film Jenny by Lea Becker.

Window to the Region

The jury (Marion Lanzl, Michael Mandl, Ger Duijzings) decided to give the Regional Prize of of 500 Euro to Freakwave by Pennie Hunt.

Audience Award

The Audience has chosen the winner of the Kinokneipen-Audience prize: Gabi by Michael Fetter Nathansky.

Here you find all the Prize Winners 2017 with jury statements.