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International Competition

Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer Reeder was born in Ohio in 1971. She constructs personal fiction films about relationships, trauma and coping. Her award-winning narratives are innovative and borrow from a range of forms including after school specials, amateur music videos and magical realism. These films have shown consistently around the world, including the Sundance Film Festival, The Berlin Film Festival, The Rotterdam Film Festival, The London Film Festival, SXSW, The Venice Biennale and The Whitney Biennial. Her awards include several that have qualified her films for Oscar nomination. She won a Creative Capital Grant in Moving Image in 2015, short film funding from Rooftop/Adrienne Shelly Foundation in 2016 and short film funding from the Hamburg Film Fund in 2016.

Noémi Kahn

Noémi Kahn worked from 2012 until 2016 in Cairo, first at Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre as a Workshops coordinator and a Fundraising officer, then at the French Institute in Egypt where she curated and coordinated the Institute’s yearly film, theater and music program for two years. She also worked with, among others: the Metropolis Arthouse Cinema Association in Beirut (Lebanon), the Cairo International Film Festival (Egypt) and Canal France International. Noémi Kahn graduated in 2012 from the Science po Paris school where she obtained a Master’s Degree in International Relations. She also obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic at the INALCO (Paris), and in Comparative Literature at the Paris X Nanterre University. In November 2016, Noémi joined the Network of Arab Alternative Screens (NAAS), a network of non-governmental cinema spaces in the Arabicspeaking region. She is NAAS’s Assistant Director since January 2017.

Lisa Birke

Lisa Birke is an award winning Canadian video artist who situates between the traditions of fine art, experimental film and performance art. Her short films have been screened at numerous film/video festivals, and installed in galleries and museums internationally including Slamdance, Vancouver International Film Festival, AVIFF Cannes Art Film Festival, Athens International Film & Video Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, Torrance Art Museum, Kitchener/Waterloo Art Gallery, Manif d’/Art Quebec City Biennale 2017, along with many others. Her work has received support from the Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Birke is at the University of Saskatchewan.

Jury of the Young

Lisa Liepelt

Lisa Nicola Valentina Liepelt came to the Short Film Week through her sister. Together with her she reviewed short films and went to see multiple programs during the festival. During her education as well as in her private life she has been involved in several film projects. Her last project was the movie TÄUSCHUNG at the movie sounds project in Regensburg. Short films, for her, form a medium that is especially interesting because of its great potential. Films are not just a hobby to her, but a passion. She is excited to be a part of the jury of the young this year.

Ardit Biba

Ardit Biba was born in Kukes in Albania. During his schooldays he was an actor in the school theatre and was even awarded a prize for it. Becoming an actor has always been his dream. After he finished his Abitur (final school exams), he started his studies to become an electrical engineer. In 2015 he came to Germany and applied for asylum. He did volunteer work in a Jazz Club. This is how he got in contact with short films and the Short Film Week. It fascinated him. In 2016 he was granted a visa for an apprenticeship in Germany and he‘s been training to become a hotel expert in the Hansa Apart Hotel since August.

Kristina Neumüller

Kristina Neumüller is now in her third semester of Media studies and Italian studies at the University of Regensburg. Because of her great interest in films and film festivals, she already participated in the project seminar Heimspiel during her studies. Through this seminar the students have the opportunity to be part of a film festival in Regensburg. Looking behind the scenes at an event like that has changed her view on movies in general and aroused her interest in short movies.

Samuel Vogl

Samuel Vogl is currently training to become an architectural draftsman. He is very interested in the technical and analytic aspects of film: He is excited to regard a film as the final product of many hours of work. When he watches a film he always tries to investigate how the filmmakers managed to convey the exact feelings they were trying to show. Alongside his interest in film he is involved in athletic sports.

German Competition

Jutta Wille

Jutta Wille, born in 1965, studied lectureship for history and physics at the pedagogic academy in Dresden, and business economics at the technical college Berlin. Since 1997 she has been working for various film productions among other things in the positions of unit and production manager. Since autumn 2003 she has been working as project coordinator for the AG Kurzfilm, among other things she is responsible for the short film catalogue German Short Films and the preparation and conduction of presentations by the AG Kurzfilm on film markets in Clermont-Ferrand and Annecy. Since August 2013 she is managing director of the AG Kurzfilm. She represents the AG Kurzfilm among others at the German council for culture, and at the culture network in Dresden. Jutta Wille has been a member of various festival juries and selection panels as well as the Jury of the hessian cinema culture award.

Bernd Brehmer

Bernd Brehmer studied literature and history of art in Munich but spent most of his time at the Filmmuseum where he received his éducation cinématographique and soon started working in the technical department. That led him to participate at Werkstattkino collective, legendary and still operating underground cinema. With his enthusiasm in collecting films he relevantly expanded their archive of missing believed lost and ignored treasures of film history. During the 1990s he established the film magazine 24 and was CEO of Exit Film Distribution, that focused on documentaries and independent film productions. Since then he also regularly contributed texts on film and literature for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and works as program advisor and curator for several international film festivals such as Viennale (Vienna) or Bildrausch (Basel). In 2006 he (co-)founded Munich based Underdox Film Festival for documentary and experimental films together with Dunja Bialas that is still directed by both of them.

Patrick Wellinski

Patrick Wellinski was born in 1986 in Braunschweig and raised in Berlin. He studied History and Theater Studies in Berlin and Journalism at the University of Leipzig. During that time, he started as a freelance film critic and journalist. His writing appeared several local and regional outlets like Berliner Zeitung and Detektor.fm. He is currently a film editor and critic for the public German national radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur where he is the Co-Host of the weekly 90-minute film magazine Vollbild. He loves cinema in all of its forms, especially east European and East Asian cinema.  

Window to Architecture

Moritz Holfelder

Moritz Holfelder was born in Aschaffenburg in 1958. He studied Journalism and History of Arts in Munich. Since 1985, he works as an author and editor for the Public Radio Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich. Thereby, his field of responsibility is the daily radio show kulturWelt from the channel Bayern 2 with the main focus on film and architecture. Since the 90s, Holfelder wrote some books, for instance a Cultural History of Biking (with John Berger), a story about the Palace of the Republic in East Berlin as well as a biography of filmmaker Werner Herzog. Since 2012, he writes and produces audiobooks about individual architects, from Peter Zumthor over Zaha Hadid to Rem Koolhaas. Therefore, he won the Deutscher Hörbuch Preis in 2012. At the moment he is preparing a photo exhibition about waves.

Peter Riepl

Peter Riepl was born in Wels, Upper Austria, in 1952. He studied Architecture at the University of Innsbruck. He is self-employed since 1985, for example at Riepl Riepl Architekten in Linz, Riepl Kaufmann Bammer Architektur in Vienna. His temporary activities comprise: Working as a visiting professor at the University of Kassel, the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. Furthermore, he is part of the architectural advisory board of the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft and part of the architectural committee in Passau, Salzburg and Regensburg. Also, he is a member of the advisory board for Arts and Building at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Arts. Further, he is interested in the development of the Urban environment, which can be seen in the selected projects: Municipal center and Research institute Hagenberg / OK Offenes Kulturhaus Linz / Church St. Franziskus, Steyr / 09 Hafenhalle, Linz – the temporary event venue during the European Capital of Culture in Linz 2009 / Congress Schladming / Nursing Home Liesing, Vienna / Sonnwendviertel, Vienna / Media Center ORF Austrian Broadcasting Cooperation, Vienna / University of Applied Arts, Vienna / JKU Campus Linz. Honors: Cultural Prize of Upper Austria, Austrian Architects Central Association – Client Award, Regional Timber Construction Prize Upper Austria, Regional Timber Construction Prize Vorarlberg, Architecture Prize of the County of Burgenland, Architecture Prize New Alpine Architecture Sexten.

Willi Dorner

Willi Dorner lives and works as a choreographer in Vienna. His stage plays and site-specific performances are performed around the world. Together with different Austrian film-makers he realized the short films TREID (1999), MAZY (2003), BODY TRAIL and FLEETING (2009), SET IN MOTION (2012) and EVERY-ONE (2015). For his choreographic performances, Willi Dorner got awarded with the Austrian dance-prize in 2000 and received several awards from different European choreography competitions. Furthermore, he participated at festivals and won prizes for his filmic work at Pearls 07 – International Dance Film Festival Berlin 2007, Choreographic Captures – Münchner Filmfestival 2007 and the International Short Film Week Regensburg 2017 (architecture prize).

FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

Katharina Köster

Katharina Köster was born in 1984 in Wiesbaden. If she hadn‘t won the GRÜNEN LORBEER award for writing talents as an adolescent she would have become a ballet dancer. But this way her passion for writing brought her to the HFF Munich to study scriptwriting. Here, she also discovered her love for documentary filmmaking. Katharina Köster realised various projects through writing and filming. She wrote the libretto for the family musical DÄUMLINA, as well as the episode DER DOPPELT GEMOPPELTE IWAN for the TV series PRINZESSIN LILLIFEE. Her documentary NATASCHA was supported by the Kirch-grant and she won the BVhK journalism award for her popular film LIEBER LEBEN – TOBIS NEUES HERZ. Katharina Köster lives in Munich and has two small children.

Florian Kummert

Florian Kummert, a film journalist working for TV movie magazine kinokino, was born in 1975. He grew up in Regensburg, Bavaria, where he discovered his passion for theatre and cinema, working as a cameraman and producer on several short film projects. At Regensburg University he joined the ensemble of RUPs, too, the English-speaking theater group called Regensburg University Players. In his home town, he worked as a newspaper reporter at the Mittelbayerische Zeitung and as a radio reporter at the Bavarian Broadcasting Company BR. Between 1999 and 2000, he spent a year in the States and got a Journalism degree from the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University in New York City. Since 2004, he’s been working at the BR as reporter, film critic, and radio host for the Bayern 2 show radioWissen. For the weekly TV movie magazine kinokino he reports on film and festival news and regularly interviews short film directors for Campus Cinema and the Kurzfilmnacht, a compilation of short films aired on Bavarian Television, where he also works for a wide array of shows as reporter and short documentary filmmaker.

Ingo Fliess

After studying Art History (M.A. 1991) in Bamberg and Berlin he became script agent and manager of the „Verlag der Autoren“ (1994 – 2006). 2007 if… Productions was founded. … if Productions made a name for itself with a series of challenging yet entertaining documentaries like BULLI – COOKING IN PROGRESS and HOW TO MAKE A BOOK WITH STEIDL. For a few years now they‘ve been producing more and more feature films like the award winning movie EIN GESCHENK DER GÖTTER (A GIFT FROM THE GODS). At the moment, they‘re involved in the production of commercial art house films, WACKERSDORF (director: Oliver Haffner, cinema release in 2018) and BEZNESS from the winner of the student-academy award Ilker Çatak (production: 2018). He has taught at film schools in Hamburg, Munich and Cologne and lives with his family in Munich. He is a member of the EDN, of the German Film Academy and the association of German Film Producers.

Window to the Region

Christiane Heibach

Christiane Heibach is a Professor of Media Aesthetics at the Institute for Information and Media, Language and Culture at Regensburg University. She held positions as a visiting professor at Konstanz University (Media Studies, 2011/12, 2014/15) and at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (Philosophy and Media Theory 2013/14). From 2015 to 2017 she was senior researcher at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures of the Academy of Arts and Design FHNW in Basel, where she led a project on the interrelation of new technologies and atmosphere. Her main research interests lie in the fields of media aesthetics, media epistemology, theory and aesthetics of digital media, intermedia and interarts studies. Latest publications: ed. with Angela Krewani and Irene Schütze: Re/Visonen der Utopie, kunsttexte.de Nr. 3 (2016); ed. with Carsten Rohde: Ästhetik der Materialität (2015); ed.: Atmosphären. Dimensionen eines diffusen Phänomens (2012).

Josef Lommer

Josef Lommer is living in Regensburg and has studied media studies with a focus on film theory and film history. He is the assistent of the management of the Regensburg Cinemas at the Andreasstadel. He also teaches film history at the Academy for Arts in Regensburg and writes film critics for critic.de.

Timo Lauber

Timo Lauber was born 1981 in Weiden/Upper Palatinate. He is a father of three children and living in Regensburg. After his vocational diploma he made a traineeship at the TV Aktuell in Regensburg. Then he worked there in a permanent position and become the production management between 2004 to 2008. In 2006 he founded the film and video production company One4two, which became One4two GmbH in 2016. His company was awarded several times (Goldenes Stadttor, BLM-Prizes).