Internationaler Wettbewerb 3

Internationaler Wettbewerb 3

The international program “Idleness” addresses the state of inertia, of stagnation, and explores the taboo of unproductivity in a capitalist world.

Saturday, 18. Mar 2023 // 17:00 Uhr @ Ostentor Kino
Sunday, 19. Mar 2023 // 21:00 Uhr @ Ostentor Kino

Powernapper’s Paradise
Sweden 2022, color, 14 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Samir Arabzadeh
Production: Kristina Meiton
The accountant has fallen asleep on her desk. The waiter is sleeping behind the cash register. The guard is slumbering on his chair outside of the bank. An exploration of life and the people in the Philippines, where it seems okay to sleep at work.

Hardly Working
Austria 2022, color, 20 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Total Refusal
Production: Total Refusal
Non-player characters are the characters that normally remain in the background of video games. The NPCs populate the digital world as extras to create the appearance of normality. A laundress, a stable boy, a street sweeper and a carpenter are observed with ethnographic precision. They are Sisyphus machines, whose labor routines, activity patterns as well as bugs and malfunctions paint a vivid analogy for work under capitalism.

A propos de Zurich
Luxembourg 2021, color, 8 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Julie Schroell
Production: Filmreakter Asbl Filmreakter Asbl
Locked up in her new apartment in Zurich because of a virus, the filmmaker discovers the city through her parent’s super-8 films shot 50 years earlier and starts a conversation with her mother about choices in life, womanhood and life after the pandemic.

By Flávio
Portugal 2022, color, 27 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Pedro Cabeleira
Production: Vasco Esteves
Márcia, a wannabe digital influencer, lands a promising date with Da Reel Chullz, a famous rapper, but has no one to leave her son Flávio with. The solution is to take him with her.

United Kingdom 2022, color, 1 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Duncan Cowles
Production: Duncan Cowles
Fatigue – expressed in an endless sea of content.

Lithuania 2022, color, 15 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Vytautas Katkus
Production: Marija Razgutė
A recently retired father invites his son to help him with the cherry picking in the garden. The father is in no hurry to finish the cherry job though, as he tries to catch up with his son.