Film Submission

Every year more than 4,000 films from over 100 countries are submitted. Each film is viewed, evaluated and recommended for programmes by two independent persons. Let’s be honest: in 2018 about 3% of the films submitted made it into one of our competitions and we invited about 2% to our special programmes. –>
At the moment, submissions are not accepted. Please come back in June.
Whoever wants to submit a film to us must accept the conditions.

The deadline for submission for the 25th edition was already 31.10.2018. Only for the Window to the Region films can still be submitted. The new deadline is 31.12.2018! Only East Bavarian productions (postal codes: 84, 92, 93 and 94) are eligible for the competition Window to the Region. Click here to start your submission!


For the 25th Short Film Week Carsten Kurz will explain the software DCP-o-matic en détail. In addition, we let ourselves be coached in order to tackle the next film project mentally strengthened and spend ourselves in sports.

Lecture Series

This year’s lecture will the connected to the Focus on Japan. Dr. Michael Fleig will give a short introduction and Dr. Herbert will focus on the problem of a Western view of Japanese culture and the field of tension arising from mutual influences.

Festival Accreditation

Accredited trade visitors enjoy free or discounted access to all programmes and events as well as to the offline festival video library, lecture series and workshops.
Trade visitors include filmmakers, media representatives, festival representatives and students of film and media-related courses of study. From January a accreditation is possible.


The Infocounter is located in the Filmgalerie at Leerer Beutel, 2nd floor left.
Opening hours: We, 13.03. 15 – 18 h; Th, 14.03. – Tu, 19.03., 12 – 18 h; We, 20.03., 12 – 15 h.