Film Submission

If you want to submit a film to us, you have to accept our rules & terms.
From June 1st we will accept submissions via or our portal.


We’re still planning. But there will be workshops for filmmakers again!

Lecture Series

Once again we are bringing scientists from different disciplines on stage who are approaching the festival’s focus.

Festival Accreditation

Accredited trade visitors enjoy free or discounted access to all programmes and events as well as to the offline festival video library, lecture series and workshops.
Trade visitors include filmmakers, media representatives, festival representatives and students of film and media-related courses of study. From January a accreditation is possible.


The Infocounter is located in the Filmgalerie at Leerer Beutel, 2nd floor left.
Opening hours: We, 11.03. 15 – 18 h; Th, 12.03. – Tu, 17.03., 12 – 18 h; We, 18.03., 12 – 15 h.