[soliloquy id="466"]The Short Film Week Regensburg was founded in 1994 by the Arbeitskreis Film e.V. and takes place since then in an annual cycle. In the first year it was just a small experiment with one festival cinema. Today with up to four festival cinemas the International Short Film Week Regensburg is not just a firm institution in the cultural life of Regensburg but has become an inconceivable part of the international short film circuit.

While in the beginning there was just one general programme, meanwhile there are four competitions and diverse special programmes. Still, the German and the International Competition are the main focus of the festival. Here we receive several thousand submissions by now.

In 1999 a heyday and publics favourite was established: the Plattenfilme (record films). At this event DJs from Regensburg compose on site to silent films. Since the interest in the „record films” is growing even national and international DJs, like Gebrüder Teichmann or DJ Markus Güntner, contributed to this event during the last years.

In the year 2000 another programme was brought to life: „Cinema Mi Amor”. Here you can watch declarations of love to the short film by experts who compile a special programme of their favourite films, which once conquered their heart.

Since 2010 the festival is listed as a reference festival for German short films. Short films of German directors screened at our festival get credit points and with that receive a support from the ffa (German film fund).

In March 2013, at the award ceremony of the 19th edition, the renaming of the Short Film Week Regensburg to International Short Film Week Regensburg was officially announced.

The first cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Munich took place during the 19th edition, too. A guest from a developing or transition country, invited by the Goethe-Insitut, curates a short film programme to show the audience a very unique and particular view on the guest’s homeland.