Poetry In Motion

Fri, 15.03.2019 - 19:00 - Special Program


Movements frozen, moments stilled: the mysterious presence of a female dancer is the focus of this understated and sensitively observed film.

Japan 2017, 8 min, Color, no dialog // Text by Manuel Niedermeier

Director: Yuka Sato, DoP: Yuka Sato, Editing: Yuka Sato
Contact: Yuka Sato


Macoto Tezka was 18 when he won the PIA Film Festival short film competition with a 15-minute remake of Spielberg‘s CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. UNK’s charming special effects are still as potent today as the film material scratched and painted by hand that was used in the final sequence.

Japan 1979, 15 min, Both, no dialog // Text by Isa Sontheim

Director: Marco Tezka
Production: Marco Tezka
Contact: Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V., arsenal distribution, Gesa Knolle


Shunsaku Hayashi dissects a pupation process. Falling down, it feels ecdysone is filling up its body. Delving into the deeper layers of itself, the flesh is melted down in the shell until the form is no longer.

Japan 2018, 7 min, Color, no dialog // Text by Jennifer Schulte

Director: Shunsaku Hayashi, DoP: Shunsaku Hayashi, Sound: Makoto Itabashi, Music: Makoto Itabashi, Editing: Shunsaku Hayashi
Production: Shunsaku Hayashi
Contact: Shunsaku Hayashi


Produced as a graduation project at the Tokyo University of the Arts, based on a story by the Brothers Grimm and starring some sausages, this short combines codes of children’s stop motion with horror and humor in a brilliant ensemble.

Japan 2016, 9 min, Color, no dialog // Text by Lisa Weichart 

Director: Iku Ogawa, Sound: Sayako Kuroishi, Music: Soyoka Hayashi
Production: Yuichi Ito, Iku Ogawa
Contact: Iku Ogawa

夜ごはんの時刻(村本 咲

The five o’clock chime brings with it the end of playtime, and as playtime fades away the prospect of dinner awaits at home.

Japan 2013, 9 min, Black & white, no dialog // Text by Eva Karl

Director: Saki Muramoto, Sound: Nozomi Nakatani, Music: Yasutake Hirai
Production: Koji Yamamura, Yutaro Kubo
Contact: Yutaro Kubo


The more we hide something, the more we want to see it. Another meaning comes from hiding something, but it doesn’t occur because of what is hidden. It comes from the act of hiding itself.

Japan 2017, 7 min, Color, no dialog // Text by Anja Lemke

Director: Kotaro Tanaka, DoP: Kotaro Tanaka
Production: Kotaro Tanaka
Contact: Kotaro Tanaka


Tokyo, 11 p.m. People get on a subway train. Shot in one take, the video captures the inevitable as it becomes almost unbearable.

Germany 2004, 6 min, Color, no dialog // Text by Jona Manow

Director: Jan Verbeek, DoP: Jan Verbeek, Sound: Jan Verbeek, Editing: Jan Verbeek
Production: Jan Verbeek, Kurz Film Agentur Hamburg, Verleih
Contact: Kurz Film Agentur Hamburg, Verleih, Axel Behrens

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