Tue, 25.03.2014 - 21:00 - Filmgalerie - Infocounter - Special Program

RESONANCE  (Music by Mathias Schaffhäuser)

Poetry-Platten-RESONANCEA seven-year-old boy, fascinated by a thirty-year-old woman, goes on a quest to find the perfect material to make a jewel for her. A wooden mannequin accompanies him on his journey, coming to life in his imagination.

France 2012, color, 13 min, no dialogue
Director: Jérémie Bouillon

THE RIVER (Music by Tom Tiger)

Poetry-Platten-The_RiverA man finishes his book and heads out towards Styx.

Austria 2013, b&w, 16 min, no dialogue
Director: David Kellner


FROM TO (Music by DJ Looneytune)

IW4-Od_doPublic institutions, waiting rooms, public transportation are places of different names, but of the same character. In them one stays in order to be somewhere else. One feels anxiety and “solitude echoing millions of others” (Marc Augé).

Croatia 2012, color, 10 min, no dialogue
Director: Miranda Herceg


IW1-Just_Ancient_LoopsFilmmaker Bill Morrison employs high resolution scans of ancient nitrate footage, as well as newly created CGI renderings, to depict different views of the heavens.

USA 2012, b&w, 25 min, no dialogue
Director: Bill Morrison

EXTERIOR EXTENDED (Music by Acid Maria)

Poetry-Platten-Exterior_ExtendedThis movie is a prime example of an artistic strategy whereby a maximum effect is achieved through the combination of a minimum of individual elements. A 35mm film with thirty six photos on it suffices as starting material for a stringent study.

Austria 2013, b&w, 9 min, no dialogue
Director: Siegfried A. Fruhauf

MOUNTAIN IN SHADOW (Music by Markus Güntner)

Poetry-Platten-Monta§a_en_sombraA poetic view into the relationship of immensity, between man and landscape. We contemplate, from the distance, the activity of the skiers on the snowy mountain. The pictorial image and the dark and dreamlike atmosphere transform the space into something unreal and imprecise.

Spain 2013, color, 14 min, no dialogue
Director: Lois Patiño