Libanon 3: Daily E-motions Of Lebanon (1)

Sat, 22.03.2014 - 19:00 - Leerer Beutel - Special Program

Curated by Nada Raphael and Rima Abou Baker


Libanon3-Hyphen_Islam_Christianity“My home is located on the Green Line”. The green line was an imaginary line that divided Beirut into a Christian area (East Beirut) and a Muslim zone (West Beirut) during the civil war, in the late 70’s to the early 80’s. This is how the documentary starts. But this is not how it ends, as from this simple starting point you will be led by the Director through Lebanon’s eight Mohafazats (administrative areas) and through the stories of the people, Christians and Muslims, who live there. Thread after thread, you will unravel part of the social fabric of Lebanon and realize that in spite of the many wars and political storms, many Lebanese show the world – a world itself facing major challenges – that it is possible to live together.

Lebanon 2010, color, 26 min, OV, English subtitles
Director: Nada Raphael


Libanon3-The_Wall_2In Beirut suburbs, during civil war, my family and neighbors used to hide in Mary’s house, known to be the safest in the neighborhood. It became so thanks to the salon wall that was built with reinforced concrete. 20 years later, Mary’s son decides to destroy the wall. This decision leads me to make some interviews with the families who used to live there back then and to ask them about the memories they have concerning the wall and the war in general. The wall is about to fall unveiling a lot of emotions. The film is a tribute to one of the last heroes of my childhood.

Lebanon 2012, color, 24 min, OV, English subtitles
Director: Odette Makhlouf



“The Lebanese way of living.” A serial that does not cease to surprise us in its chaos.

Lebanon 2010, color, 16 min, OV, Emglish subtitles
Gabriel Zarazis



Libanon3-Studio_BeirutBeirut, May 1963. The story takes place in Kantari neighborhood located across downtown. Toufik, a young photographer inherits his grandfather’s photography shop, a store called Studio Beirut. During that day, the young photographer receives many clients in his studio, requesting an ID photo passport for the next elections. At noon, Sharif el Jamal, candidate in the upcoming elections, and a nemesis of Toufik’s family, installs next door to his shop a photo booth in order to win more votes. This new invention marvels people; everyone leaves Toufik’s store to try it. When losing his customers, Toufik decides to damage the photo booth to save his job, not knowing that this action will change his life.

Lebanon 2013, color, 15 min, OV, Emglish subtitles
Director: Moukhtar Beirut