Japan 3 – Recent Productions

Wed, 20.03.2019 - 21:00 - Special Program

This program also plays on Sunday 17th at Wintergarten.


The journey takes you through urban Japan, through the streets, construction sites and parks of Tokyo and Kyoto, carried by the sounds and guided by rhythm.

Japan, Austria 2000, 5 min, Color, Japanese lang.
Director: Timo Novotny
Contact: sixpackfilm, Gerald Weber


The fried egg for breakfast is cut into right angles, at work in the supermarket the labels of the instant soups and fanta bottles are turned forward again. Everything must be in order. Sekine draws the everyday life of the protagonist, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder so lovingly and empathetically that you don’t make fun of him but are deeply touched.

Japan 2005, 5 min, Color, Japanese lang., English SUB
Director: Kosai Sekine
Contact: Kosai Sekine


A woman is looking for a bondage photograph that she took in Tokyo in 1987. The woman is the director herself: Hito Steyerl.

Japan, Germany, Austria 2007, 30 min, Color, English, German, Japanese lang., English SUB
Director: Hito Steyerl
Contact: sixpackfilm, Gerald Weber


Through a program, companies are bringing people from Asian developing countries to Japan to train them in Japanese industry. These people dream of good education and money, but are often exploited and flee the program to remain illegally in the country.

Japan 2017, 13 min, Color, Japanese lang., English SUB
Director: Kei Chikaura

Contact: AugOhr, Markus Kaatsch


Sadao divides the screen area into nine squares in which he simultaneously searches for alternative means of communication. He overwhelms the viewers who are faced with the task of understanding the visual and auditory impulses, the codes of sign language and the meaning of the protagonists’ actions.

Japan 2017, 10 min, Color, Japanese lang.
Director: Jean Sadao
Contact: Jean Sadao


Michi is just three years old and is taken by her mother to her first day at work. Besides the rush, the girl experiences humanity in the anonymity of the daily commuting.

Japan 2018, 17 min, Color, Japanese lang., English SUB
Director: Tsugihisa Tanaka
Contact: Aki Isoyama


The birds are cut out, as are the humans. Filmmaker Kotaro Tanaka has removed the living from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “The Birds”. The film styles of empty places of civic life tell of a calm before or after a storm.

Japan 2011, 3 min, Color, no dialog
Director: Kotaro Tanaka
Contact: Kotaro Tanaka


Sento is a Japanese public bath. At the moment, two girls and their grandmother are washing the bathroom themselves. The latter falls into a dream and the bathroom becomes a wonderful and bizarre stage for a dance in front of a huge pressure of Mount Fuji.

Japan 2016, 7 min, Color, Japanese lang., English SUB
Director: Akari Eda
Contact: Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Carsten Spicher

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