IW 8 – In the Countryside

Mon, 23.03.2015 - 22:00 - Filmgalerie at Leerer Beutel - International Competition


IW8_KAesthetic experimental film rather focusing on the artistic depiction than on the captured object itself: a cat. Using noisy and flickering images combined with technical seeming background noise the spectator is being placed in the point-of-view and position of the camera. In the end this surreal state is dissolved with the meowing of the cat.

Italy 2014, b&w, 5 min, no dialog
Realization: Gianrico di Gennaro
Production: Philozei Productions, Gianrico di Gennaro
Contact: Gianrico di Gennaro


IW8_YUYUDocumentary about a Chinese beekeeper who performs a rite of spring to recover the environmental balance of the Yangtze Valley in Chóngqìng, China. Throughout this journey, he enters a trance with nature.

France 2014, color, 15 min, OV
Director & script: Marc Johnson, editing: David Charpentier, sound: Aymeric de Tapol, Raphaël Hénard
Production: Marc Johnson & ARTPORT_making waves, Anne-Marie Melster
Contact: ARTPORT_making waves, Anne-Marie Melster


IW8_RIVER_PLATEContrary to what the title suggests, the film is not set in the stadium of the eponymous Argentinian soccer club, but instead, along the gravel banks of a flowing river bed in Northern Italy, where a group of swimmers has gathered on a hot summer day

Austria 2014, b&w, 16 min, no dialog
Director: Josef Dabernig, DoP: Christian Giesser, sound: Michael Palm
Production: Josef Dabernig
Contact: Sixpackfilm, Gerald Weber


IW8_BETAILAn experimental documentary about the intertwining of bodies and lives on a cattle ranch. During its three chapters, each of them focusing on a different physical element, a birth interrupts the daily routine.

Portugal 2014, color, 25 min, no dialog
Director, script & editing: Joana Sousa, DoP: Joana Sousa, Alix de Montblanc
Production: Alix de Montblanc
Contact: Joana Sousa


IW8_ALMAZStill at Soviet times the family of Alexej Kliunia was moved from Belarus to an island in the middle of Ladoga Lake in Russia. Some decades have passed since then and Alexej Kliunia, by now an old man, is left alone on the island. His only friend is a horse named Almaz. Alexej wants to die first.

Belarus 2013, color, 30 min, OV, English subtitles
Director, script & editing: Victor Asliuk, DoP: Ivan Hancharuk
Production & contact: Belarusfilm, Victor Asliuk