German Competition 4 – Crossbreaks

Mon, 18.03.2019 - 21:00 - Filmgalerie at Leerer Beutel - German Competition

This program also plays on Friday 15th at Filmgalerie.


For one year we look through the eyes of Himawari-8, Japan’s most advanced meteorological satellite, to observe the beauty and fragility of the earth, weather’s wonders, forces and disasters – from space, it all looks miraculous.

Germany 2018, 16 min, Color, no dialog

Director: Felix Dierich, Sound: Felix Dierich
Production: Felix Dierich,
Contact: Felix Dierich


Alpar has his first day of work at the border between Hungary and Serbia. Stationed there to save his country from refugees, he is confronted with the reality of being a border guard and is forced to adapt to the merciless customs.

Germany 2018, 13 min, Color, Hungarian lang., English subtitles 

Director: Borbála Nagy, DoP: Constantin Campean, Sound: Tamás Kreiner, Tamás Bohács, Editing: László Dunai
Production: Luise Hauschild,
Contact: Luise Hauschild


The film is a geographic construct in accordance with „our“ collective perception of Africa and the image of Africa presented by the media. Inaccuracies within this construct challenge these perceptions. The setting is an African village apparently inhabited by Germans.

Germany 2018, 19 min, Color, German lang., English subtitles 

Director: Ulu Braun, DoP: Ulu Braun, Editing: Ulu Braun
Production: Ulu Braun,
Contact: Ulu Braun


In a mixture between pop and lecture performance, the biography of Serbian pop singer and former child star Doris Bizetić is conflated with histories of architectures in Belgrade.

Germany, The Netherlands, Serbia 2018, 20 min, Color, English lang., no subtitles 

Director: Benjamin Perez, Stefan Ramírez Pérez, DoP: Ian Purnell, Mahmoud Belakhel
Production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln,
Contact: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Ute Dilger


As usual in the GDR at that time, full-time positions for a textile industry were advertised in Vietnam. Many came – some stayed. A Vietnamese and a German couple cheerfully remember initial difficulties and cultural misunderstandings.

Germany 2018, 10 min, Color, German dialect, Vietnamese lang., English subtitles

Director: Thanh Nguyen Phuong, DoP: Christopher Patz, Sound: Christopher Patz, Thanh Nguyen Phuong, Editing: Thanh Nguyen Phuong
Production: FH Potsdam Design,
Contact: Thanh Nguyen Phuong


An experimental animation about the history of typography, print media and a mosquito experiencing Shakespeares most famous quote.

Germany, Switzerland 2018, 3 min, Color, no dialog

Director: Gerd Gockell, DoP: Adrian Flury, Gerd Gockell, Editing: Gerd Gockell
Production: Jochen Ehmann, Gerd Gockell,
Contact: Gerd Gockell

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