DW 3 – Safe Space

Sun, 22.03.2015 - 18:00 - Filmgalerie at Leerer Beutel - German Competition


DW3_SOFTWARE_TRAININGRigoletti is doing a computer workshop in which her alter egos participate.

Germany 2014, color, 6 min, OV
Realization: Marion Pfaus
Production & contact: Marion Pfaus



DW3_THE_CHICKENAs a present for her 6th birthday Selma gets a live chicken. When she realizes the animal is going to be killed to feed the family, she decides to save it and set it free, unaware of the high stakes such action will lead to.

Germany 2014, color, 15 min, Croatian OV, English subtitles
Director & script: Una Gunjak, DoP: Matthias Pilz, editing: Anja Siemens
Production: Zak Film Productions, Jelena Goldbach & Nukleus Film, Siniša Juri
Contact: Salaud Morisset Production, François Morisset



DW3_SONNTAG,BUESCHERHOEFCHEN_2A private house on a Sunday: surrounded by unimposing family homes, the exceptional building with its yellow frontage is set on a hill in dawn. Inside the house, aesthetic living environments open up, where everyday life is staged within a scenery of individual fantasies.

Germany 2014, color, 13 min, no dialog
Directors: Miriam Gossing, Lina Sieckmann, DoP: Christian Kochmann, sound: Tim Gorinski
Production & contact: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Ute Dilger



DW3_SONNTAG_NULLThis is the prologue to a series of Sunday excursions. This time the protagonist prefers to stay in bed and watch some of his past dreams that his private dream interpreter has painted for him.

Germany 2014, b&w, 10 min, OV
Director, script, DoP & music: Jochen Kuhn, editing: Olaf Meltzer, sound: Jochen Kuhn, Olaf Meltzer
Production & contact: Jochen Kuhn



DW3_PLEASE_RELAX_NOW“You will become the artwork!” The spectator becomes the protagonist of the film who is led through a cinematic masturbation. Throughout the process he creates his own piece of art.

Germany 2014, color, 12 min, English OV
Director, script, editing & sound: Vika Kirchenbauer, DoP: Martin Sulzer
Production & contact: Vika Kirchenbauer



DW3_5MINUTEN FREUNDSCHAFTA former East German border guard from Berlin comes once a year back to his old operation site where meanwhile wild nature overgrows the once clear-felled area of the border region. He remembers how he was exposed to fear and mistrust during his term of service and how his trust was put to the test.

Germany 2014, color, 10 min, OV
Director: Daniel G. Schwarz, script: Annekathrin Lang, DoP: Sebastian Lempe, editing: Daniel G. Schwarz, sound: Martin Pohl
Production: Daniel G. Schwarz
Contact: DGS Filmproduktion



DW3_RUEBERMACHENA story about insuperable borders and loyal companionship in rough times.

Germany 2014, color, 7 min, no dialog
Director & script: Marc Weltle, DoP: Guido Tölke, editing: Manuel Sanchez, sound: Dirk Austen, music: Ritchie Staringer
Production & contact: Salon Weltle, Marc Weltle



DW3_PEINAs a mortician Anton deals with the transience of life on a daily basis. But it is not only death that is omnipresent in the basement of the morgue. Also the living come to this place to say goodbye to their deceased relatives.

Germany 2014, color, 20 min, OV
Director & script: Ulrike Vahl
Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Zora A. Wolter
Contact: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Cristina Marx



DW3_FREIFUSSThe film is based on a parodist column by Harald Martenstein whose title indicates that you begin to walk more carefully when you step into dog dirt for the third time. Walking barefoot? Why not! This filmed experiment gives it a try.

Germany 2014, color, 6 min, OV
Director: Daniel Pfeiffer, script: Harald Martenstein, DoP: Uwe Winter,
editing: Uwe Winter & Daniel Pfeiffer
Production: freefeet Pfeiffer/Winter
Contact: Daniel Pfeiffer