Danube Region 3 – Stagnation

Sun, 18.03.2018 - 16:00 - W1 - Zentrum für junge Kultur - Special Program

Alternative Screening:
Wed / 21.03. / Filmgalerie / 10 pm


The Kruchowsky family owns a funeral home. One day, an old man orders twelve funerary wreaths with sympathy messages for many relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Kruchowsky become suspicious and start to investigate this potential cold blooded assassin.

Romania 2017, color, 12 min, English OV
Director & Script: Serghei Chiviriga, DoP: Adrian Tudose, Music: Alexandru Dumitru, Editing: Gabriel Basalici
Production: Radu Stancu, Contact: Ioana Lascar


An elderly man is unable to accept that he is made to retire and his life takes a dramatic turn, when he realises that he cannot finish the work of his life.

Hungary 2017, color, 19 min, OV, English subtitles
Director: Linda Dombrovszky, Script: György Somogyi
Production: Ferenc Szohár, Contact: aug&ohr Medien, Markus Kaatsch


In an idyllic setting, an aging man attempts to keep the harsh realities of an encroaching war hidden from his wife.

Serbia/USA 2017, color, 13 min, no dialog
Director & Script: Ognjen Petkovic, DoP: Aleksandar Ramadanović, Music: Stefan Nikolić, Editing: Nebojša Rudić, Ognjen Petković
Production: Michael Vukadinovich, Contact: Ognjen Petkovic


In a small Bulgarian village a bus stops at the only intersection, where the traffic light is stuck on red. The bus driver refuses to move forward. A story about the funny side of apathy, selfishness and loneliness in a world where following the rules is a misunderstanding.

Bulgaria 2016, color, 21 min, OV, English subtitles
Director: Toma Waszarow, Script: Toma Waszarow, Victor Dessov, DoP: Martin Balkansky, Sound: Ivan Andreev, Music: Ivan Andreev, Editing: Toma Waszarow, Vladimir Gojun
Production & Contact: Toma Waszarow


Through the absurd and surreal atmosphere of this film, the universal problems of our society and the lack of real human relationships are being presented with grotesque humor and sarcasm.

Hungary 2016, color, 30 min, OV, English subtitles
Director: Ferenc Pusztai, Script: Ferenc Pusztai, Attila Veress, DoP: Márk Győri, Music: Róbert Juhász, Editing: Zoltán Kovács
Production: Ferenc Pusztai, Contact: Linda Pfeiffer


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