Window to Bavaria 3 – Freedom

Tue, 19.03.2019 - 21:00 - Wintergarten - Window to Bavaria

This program also plays on Saturday 16th at Filmgalerie.


In order to survive you need a gap – a small cavity filled with air, you can breathe. The Hungarian Andrea works at night as a cleaning woman in a Munich 24-hour fitness studio. In a world of isolation and self-optimization, the film tells of Andreas struggle for existence.

Germany 2018, 11 min, b/w, OV, English subtitles

Director: Marie Zrenner, DoP: Oliver Buchalik
Production: Marlene Fecht
Contact: Marie Zrenner


A queer feminist utopia far away from BMI norms. The fat women and queers in this movie are not ashamed of their expansive body dimensions, but confidently claim space for themselves. They use their bodies to blow up patriarchal structures. In times of self-optimization, your belly is a statement!

Germany 2018, 17 min, color, OV, English subtitles

Director: Julia Fuhr Mann, DoP: Julia Swoboda, Sound: Cornelia Böhm, Music: Zdrada Pałki, Editing: Andi Pek
Production: Andreas Günther
Contact: Julia Fuhr Mann


Lisa´s passion is pole dancing, but as a high-risk patient with a brain that has been coiled, she should actually be in hospital. Instead, she is headed for the upcoming pole dance competition. Will she return to the hospital or does she go on stage to dance, even if that means risking her life?

Germany 2018, 19 min, color, OV, English subtitles

Director: Korbinian Dufter, DoP: Kaspar Hornikel, Sound: Robin Harff, Music: Michael Regner, Editing: Laura Ostermeier
Production: Paul Prenissl, Steffen Freckmann, Rafael Parente, Simon Amberger, Korbinian Dufter
Contact: Paul Prenissl


The meeting of two misfits. Kza, a poet of Asian culture, leaves Korea. Herbert, a high school teacher, leaves Alsace. They write and translate with four hands in the interest of perfection. They are in search of the ideal. Therefore, they continue their work on the Œuvre of Alexander Kluge until they die.

Germany 2018, 12 min, color, OV, English subtitles

Director: Felix Hermann, Camille Tricaud
Production: Marina Hufnagel, Kristina Kilian
Contact: HFF München, Tina Janker


Travelling to a remote cabin in the alps, a shy teenage girl has to decide if to pursue her own path on earth or to follow her parents – members of a cosmic cult – through a fatal procedure into a higher existence on Jupiter.

Germany 2019, 14 min, color, OV, English subtitles

Director: Benjamin Pfohl, DoP: Tim Kuhn
Production: Benjamin Pfohl, Tristan Bähre, Martin Kosok, Sebastian Fehring, Philipp Maron, Alexander Fritzemeyer,
Contact: Sebastian Fehring

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