International Competition | German Competition | Window to Architecture | Window to Bavaria | Window to the Region

International Competition

We’re going to show you the tremendous diversity of the worldwide making of short films in an international competition. We’ll pick the pearls out of round about three thousand submissions in order to curate our programmeme that will be shown to the audience and the jury.

German Competition

The range of German short films is heterogeneous and creative. It’s not an easy task for us to create our programmemes out of the hundreds of submissions by established filmmakers, film academies, production companies and enthusiastic hobby filmmakers.
By the way, the following applies to the German Competition: the main production country has to be Germany. Moreover, if the film was produced in Bavaria, it automatically takes part in the Competition WIndow to Bavaria.

Window to Architecture

At this competition we show films addressing the influence of architecture on humans (and vice versa). The prize is awarded by the Architecure Jury and is open to all productions from any country of the EU and as a cross-competition award, films running in the International or German Competiton are taken in account, too.

Window to Bavaria

This competition is generated by all submissions that were produced in Bavaria. But not only the films within this programme are competing for the award, but so are all the other Bavarian productions that can be seen in the other competitions, might win the award given by the FFF jury.

Window to the Region

With this competition we’d like to honour especially the filmmaking in the region. The quality of the films never fails to surprise us time and again. Even the audience appreciates the commitment of the active filmmakers enthusiastically.