Anthropozän 3

Anthropozän 3

Our influence on nature has increased greatly in recent centuries. Through our ever-growing population, industrialization and urbanization, the use of technology and increasing consumption, we have shaped our environment in such a way that natural processes have been altered. The films in this program deal with natural spaces that bear a thoroughly human signature.

Sunday, 19. Mar 2023 // 21:00 Uhr @ Kinos im Andreasstadel Wintergarten
Wednesday, 22. Mar 2023 // 19:00 Uhr @ Leerer Beutel Filmgalerie

Belle River
Canada 2022, color, 10 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau, Yannick Nolin
Production: Jean-pierre Vézina
2019. Spring flooding in Mississippi hits record highs. In Louisiana, the residents of Pierre-Part are preparing for the worst. Barring an unexpected turn of events, local authorities will soon be forced to open the floodgates of the Morganza Spillway, in order to save the cities of New-Orleans and Bâton-Rouge from further uncontrolled flooding. Faith and resilience are the two best weapons they still have in the face of uncertainty.

the Invention of Less
Switzerland 2021, color, 3 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Noah Erni
Production: Noah Erni
In 2031, due to global warming a young polar bear has to leave her home and moves to Zurich. Together with the other animals who have fled, she ekes out a living with odd jobs. But then she has a world-changing idea!

Germany 2022, color, 13 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Ilaria Di Carlo
Production: Ilaria Di Carlo, Caroline Kox, Sophie Zena Ahrens
Monolithic power plants, billowing columns of smoke, the backdrop of a red sun. The film captures Germany’s coal-fired power plants in their final years of generating energy. An odyssey through the dystopian industrial world that has left a permanent mark on earth’s ecosphere.

Oro Blanco
Germany / Argentina 2018, color, 23 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez
Production: Christine Haupt, Luciana Newton
Every morning Flora moves out into the mountains with her llamas. But the animals become thinner, the landscape drier. To mine lithium, corporations use the last fresh water of the Argentine desert. In quiet pictures the short tells of the life of the Colla and Atacama, whose livelihood is slowly dwindling.

Germany / Taiwan 2019, color, 25 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Patrik Thomas

As one of the many nuclear-powered countries, Taiwan is constantly facing the issue on how to deal with its nuclear waste. After decades of controversial governmental decisions, a new solution seems possible.

Don´t fear the Atom
Germany 2007, color, 2 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Jon Frickey, Till Penzek
Production: Till Penzek
Atomi gives us good reasons for the benefits of nuclear power.