Professional visitors can obtain accreditation from us and thus have free or discounted access to all programmes and events as well as to the offline festival video library and workshops.
Besides filmmakers, professional visitors also include media professionals, festival representatives and students of film and media-related courses.


The accreditation fee is 25 Euro has to be paid online. The accredidations is granted within 12 hours by us.

No fees are charged for two representatives of a film shown in our gallery.
Members of the AG Kurzfilm, the Verband Bayerischer Filmfestivals e.V. and partner festivals also receive free accreditation.

Submit application

Accreditation is granted exclusively via a user account.
Filmmakers who have submitted a film via our portal can apply for accreditation in their Filmchief account.
All other filmmakers are asked to register first and request the accredidation later.