Regionalfenster 2

Regionalfenster 2

Saturday, 19. Mar 2022 // 19:00 Uhr @ Ostentor Kino
Thursday, 24. Mar 2022 // 19:00 Uhr @ W1 – Zentrum für junge Kultur Theatersaal

Germany 2020, color, 7 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Anna Parakhina
Production: Anna Parakhina
Rainer is looking for a hotel room. After several refusals, he arrives at an unconventional inn at a late hour, where his search for a room does not seem to end so quickly.

Together Apart
Germany 2020, color, 7 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Felix Haller

A tragic story about a mother camel who flees from a sandstorm with her child and has to leave her home. They get lost in the sandstorm and a desperate search for the camel child begins.

In the Fog
Germany 2020, color, 3 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Klaus Schreier
Production: Klaus Schreier
Analog film sketch about the well known poem of Herman Hesse.

Next Stop: Sidetrack
Germany 2021, color, 7 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Thomas Maluck, Christian Käser
Production: Thomas Maluck, Christian Käser
In 1964, Georg falls asleep on the Regensburg city train on his way to the grocery store and rides into an uncertain and dark future.

Germany 2021, color, 6 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Lena Braumandel
Production: Péter Frucht
One person, one room one routine. The overwhelming monotony of the present which causes our mind and body slightly to decay. A subjective impression of our generation during the pandemic. A school project about the concept of being or feeling lost

Der Zitherspieler vom Weinberg
Germany 2021, color, 2 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Jesse Voigt
Production: Nicole Smoljar
A man for whom his instrument is not only for making music. The zither is a companion in his life, inseparable, indispensable, forever.

Birthday Cake
Germany 2021, color, 11 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Thomas Bauer
Production: Thomas Bauer
It’s Donnie’s birthday. Reason enough for his wife to bake him his favorite chocolate cake.

Violet Crumble
Germany 2021, color, 9 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Péter Dániel Matkaicsek

This film begins at escape. It is conceived from the point of view of a woman finding a way to cope with the consequences of a traumatic event. From the moment her feet touch the ground, we find ourselves alongside her, entering a place that is safe from damage and pain. We are offered a feeling of sanctuary, yet beneath these still waters are the forces of a riptide of memory, recognition, and unattainable recovery.

Der Footballer
Germany 2021, color, 2 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Samuel Markert
Production: Julian Weiß
Sinan Günaltay was not an easy child. Through football, he got to know himself better, it showed him his limits.
His sport has helped turn a street dog into a decent human being.

The Kornmuhme – A german Folktale
Germany 2021, color, 10 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Florian Ecker
Production: Florian Ecker
In early 20th century Bavaria, Evi and her brothers are picking flowers in a field for their grandmother. To their surprise their granny is shocked about their present and begins to tell a terrifying tale about a monster living within the fields – the Kornmuhme.

Die Schöne und der Schuss
Germany 2020, color, 9 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Klaus Schwarzfischer
Production: Klaus Schwarzfischer
The student Mirko Schuppenknecht is shot dead in the street in front of the Garbo cinema in Regensburg. Ispettore de Erico and his assistant Schorsch Schmalhammer investigate the gruesome, spectacular murder case. At first, they are faced with an almost unsolvable mystery. But their unswerving instinct soon puts them on a hot trail. A regional crime film of superlatives.