Internationaler Wettbewerb 2

Internationaler Wettbewerb 2

Power structures can be found everywhere – sometimes very clearly and sometimes only subliminally. Pictures and stories from the past (HER VIOLET KISS) show clear power structures between man and woman (GRANNY’S SEXUAL LIFE). One can feel powerless at work because one is forced by one’s employer to continue working at the supermarket checkout (L’EFFORT COMMERCIAL), or one can feel trapped in a job as if in a goldfish bowl (THE ORDINARY ELI). Power structures can also exist in friendships (ORTHODONTICS) and no matter how tough you are as a skinhead, if you can’t accept yourself, you still remain powerless (STAGNANT).

Saturday, 19. Mar 2022 // 20:00 Uhr @ Leerer Beutel Filmgalerie

Poland 2021, color, 18 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Konrad Kultys

Tough skinhead Adam ignores his disability, depite it he tries to dominate his loved ones. A decision by his caring brother to change jobs pushes Adam to reconsider his situation and and face up to his own limitations.

Granny’s sexual Life
France / Slovenia 2021, color, 13 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Emilie Pigeard, Urška Djukić

A journey back in time to the grandmother’s youth and her most intimate memories illustrate the position of Slovenian women in the first half of the 20th century.

Store policy
France / Switzerland 2020, color, 15 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Sarah Arnold
Production: Stéphanie Douet, Helen Olive, Sabine Bally
Lea begins a summer job as a cashier in a large supermarket chain. In an empty and cold environment, she soon discovers the underlying violence of the work place.

Her violet Kiss
United States 2021, color, 5 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Bill Morrison
Production: Bill Morrison
A woman attends a party where she is observed by and finally meets a mysterious guest.

The ordinary Eli
Macedonia 2021, color, 15 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Lavinija Sofronievska
Production: Ivana Shekutkoska
Eli has only two personality traits: she works as a security guard at the Modern Art Museum and her only friend is her golden fish. The loneliness of the modern man, the framed life, as living in a fish ball and the internal cry for freedom are the main motives of this story. But the question is are they enough of a motive for Eli to leave her workplace and live her life…

Iran 2021, color, 14 min, OV, Engl. sub
Director: Mohammadreza Mayghani
Production: Mohammadreza Mayghani
Amitis is a teenage girl who always has an orthodontics headgear and is under the pressure of orthodontic treatment. Her friend Sarah is threatened with disaster.