Online-Special 5 – FFF-Förderung für Kurzfilme

Online-Special 5 – FFF-Förderung für Kurzfilme


The FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF Bayern) has the task of providing quantitative and qualitative film funding in Bavaria as well as additional services for the film industry. The aim is to create and expand a high-performance and competitive film and television landscape in Bavaria. In addition to its funding activities, the FFF Bayern performs comprehensive consulting and information activities for the film and television industry. The Film Commission Bayern supports domestic and foreign production companies in filming in Bavaria and mediates in the search for locations and the procurement of filming permits.

The FFF BAYERN’s promotion of young talent 

The promotion of young filmmakers is a special form of production funding. It starts where education ends and the first steps into professional life are taken. In addition to the support for students and graduates of Bavarian film schools, talented young filmmakers who are not studying or have not studied at a film school can receive financial assistance for their first film projects in the category “Other Newcomer Films”. The filmmakers must have completed a school education or vocational training, have relevant experience in a professional activity in the film sector and should not yet have reached the age of 40. Filmmakers who are still studying at a film school are not eligible for funding. Funding can be provided for feature-length and short films, whereby the application amount should not exceed 32,500 euros for short films and 40,000 euros for feature-length films. The total amount for “Other up-and-coming films” is up to 300,000 euros per year.

“Bavaria effect”, “calculation customary in the industry”, “financing plan”…? 

If you have any questions about funding for new talent, you are welcome to ask the responsible funding officer, Saskia Wagner, during a workshop. Information is available in advance in the FFF Bayern leaflets, on the FFF Bayern website and in the funding guidelines.

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