Online-Special 4 – Wie kommt der Kurzfilm in den Verleih

Online-Special 4 – Wie kommt der Kurzfilm in den Verleih

Where do you take your short film when you have it ready in the bag? Sure, one first avenue is film festivals. Beyond that, there are other exciting places for your film. Among those places are distributors. The two biggest short film distributors (KFA Hamburg and Interfilm Berlin) will introduce themselves and explain under which conditions they accept films into their distribution.
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Axel Behrens (KFA) & Patrick Thülig (Interfilm)

Patrick Thülig
Patrick is the man for everything at interfilm Berlin (short film festival, distribution and sales). He has been part of the team at interfilm Berlin – International Short Film Festival Berlin since 2013, where he is, among other things, festival producer and also co-curator of the German Competition. Since 2017 he is the head of interfilm short film distribution. Among other things, he is a board member of the association Brot & Spiele e.V. and organizer of the 11mm -Footballfilmfestival Berlin. Patrick fights for fair remuneration and treatment of short films, digital and analog.

interfilm berlin – the short film distributor

To promote short film, interfilm has been running a distribution service since 1999, which is aimed not only at cinemas, but also at festivals, institutes, associations, schools and other organizations interested in short film. With its catalog of around 350 films, ranging from short feature films to animated films and documentaries, the distributor reflects the complete spectrum of the German and international short film landscape. As part of its distribution activities, it offers short films for use as supporting films. Furthermore, it is possible to book numerous thematic short film programs. If required, we are also happy to put together individual short film programs from our distribution range.

Axel Behrens
Axel Behrens has been head of cinema distribution at the Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg since 2000. In this capacity he has curated and organized many short film programs, which he distributes to German cinemas along with over 700 short films for individual distribution. Since 1986 he was part of the team of the No Budget Short Film Festival (today Short Film Festival Hamburg) and from 1997 to 1999 he was a member of the festival’s management team. In 1992 he was a founding member of the Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg.

KFA Distribution 

Since 1994, the Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg has been operating a commercial distribution service for short films, whose catalog includes more than 600 German and international short film titles. In addition to supporting films in various genres and lengths, the distributor currently offers 27 feature-length short film compilations, including ten programs especially suitable for children and young people. Much of the film stock is available as a common theatrical format (DCP), but old short film classics can still be rented in analog 35mm format. Customers can use the online database with viewing portal and online ordering. Through the work of the distributor, many millions of viewers:inside can enjoy short films in the cinema. This commitment was recognized in 1996, 2004 and 2014 by the BKM’s Distributor Award.