Online-Special 1 – Virtuelles Kino – Bayerisches Film- und Kulturschaffen

Online-Special 1 – Virtuelles Kino – Bayerisches Film- und Kulturschaffen

In SAAL 1, Oberpfalz Marketing e.V. shows its mini-documentary series: A violin maker who found it too cold in Portugal; a cabaret artist who found it not colorful enough in Mexico; the only professional magician in the Upper Palatinate who performs magic in a movie theater; the triathlete who renovates a ruin, the zombie book author who leaves Berlin to breed rabbits in the wasteland. People like these make the Upper Palatinate a colorful and diverse place. What makes these people tick who were once away and yet chose to live at home? 

This project was sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. 

In SAAL 2, filmmakers and cultural actors from the Upper Palatinate present their diverse short film creations. Whether short fiction (Anna Parakhina with SCHATZSUCHER), dance film (Eva Stone, Simone Elliot and Péter Dániel Matkaicsek with VIOLET CRUMBLE), animated film (Ingeborg Schleip with DAS ERDBUSNUTTER), experimental film (Johann Wellner with CORIUM), Documentary (Peter Kollross with BLASENFREI ZAPFEN), Music Video (TimoLauber and Säm Wagner with the song STREETS by MIKROFISCH) and Mockumentary (Insa Wiese and Philipp Weber with MAKING OF … DELETE). The film scene in the Upper Palatinate is colorful and rich. The media location Bavaria has a lot to offer and the XR Hub Bavaria contributes in a big way. 

In SAAL 3, the HFF Munich presents a selection of short films by its students. 

APOCALYPSE AIRLINE Camille Tricaud /Franziska Unger, 2019, 3 min.
I LOVE MY #HAIRLEGS Camille Tricaud/Mila Zhluktenko/Charlotte Funke, 2017, 1 min.
IRIDESCENCE Eileen Byrne, 2017, 6 min.
CLIMATE CHANGE Lukas Baier, 2018, 7 min.
MOONJOURNEY Chiara Grabmayr, 2016, 2 min.
SURVIVAL Luciana Newton/Franziska Schönenberger/Felix Riedelsheimer, 2015, 3 min. THE SHOW MUST WARM UP Anita Hauch, 2020, 7 min.

In SAAL 4, Felix Klee introduces the genre of machinima with his films:

COSECHA MECÁNICA 2020, machinima, found footage, 3 min, single channel split-screen video
MY PAWS ARE SOFT, MY BONES ARE HEAVY 2021, machinima, poetry film, 5 min
WHALE POWER 2021, machinima, 3 min
THE DEER GIFT 2020, machinima, 1 min
POLICE RUNNING WILD 2020, machinima, 1 min


Felix Klee has been studying directing for documentary film at the HFF Munich since 2015. In 2016 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Munich with a diploma. He studied painting with Prof. Fries and time-based media with Prof. Rosefeldt. From 2011 to 2014 he studied painting with Prof. Hartmann at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg. He is currently working on short films with Mexican director Gisela Carbajal and Cameroonian director Cyrielle Raingou.