Raise the curtain: The films in the Window to the Region!

20 films convinced the pre-selection jury of the Window to the Region competiton and are now wooing for the following prizes:

  • Mittelbayerische.de Award (Regionalwindow-Jury, EUR 500)
  • Förderpreis des FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (Cross-competition award to a film produced in Bavaria, Jury of the FFF Bayern, EUR 1,500).
  • Architecture Film Award (Cross-competitive, Architecture Jury, EUR 1.500).

Here’s the list of nominees:


by Theresa Eberl, Robin Lursky, Carina Halbauer, Johannes Hiltl (Germany 2019)

Arme Seele

by Philipp Wagner (Germany 2019)


by Richard Wilde (Germany 2019)


by Daniel Alvarenga (Germany 2019)

einkaufen gehen

by Oliver Gilch (Germany 2019)


by Raphael Zinser (Germany 2019)


by Marcus Siebler (Germany 2019)

Non Animum

by Thomas Maluck (Germany 2019)

Proof of Concept

by Felix Albrecht, Leonie Eckl (Germany 2019)

Repair Cafe

by Christian Schiener (Germany 2019)

Spider Trash

by Peter Kollross (Germany 2019)

Still Waters

by Tim Wolfsegger (Germany 2019)

The Question

by Klaus Schwarzfischer (Germany 2019)

The Search

by Dennis Lehner, Tobias Mundigl (Germany 2019)

The Window

by Jonathan Schell (Germany 2019)

Treasure Hunter

by Anna Parakhina (Germany 2019)


by Maximilian Gold (Germany 2019)


by Johann Wellner (Germany 2019)

Wackersdorf the film- realy

by Hubertus Wiendl (Germany 2018)

What has the EU ever done for us?

by Tanja Schwägerl (Germany 2019)