An interdisciplinary workshop in cooperation with Verein Forum Kreativwirtschaft e.V. about:


How does one develop a story that has strong content, is target-group specific and innovative? Where does one start? How to I combine all components? How does one make sure that complexity does not paralyze but inspire?
The development of strong, original and authentic characters is at the heart of every plot development. It is the protagonists, their antagonists, their desires and their seemingly unsolvable problems that take us by the hand and lead us through the story.
Together we search for characters with charisma and authenticity. Furthermore, we will develop a complex and non-linear story world in which our heroes will experience their very own story.


Constantin Weber: Studies of sociology, pedagogy, and gender studies at the university of Regensburg. Stations in film and TV production, and as chief editor of the filter magazine. Since late 2011 supervisor of the TF media studio in the student house. Regular teaching jobs at the university of Regensburg in film and TV production. Owner of the Flying Mic Studio in Burglengenfeld.

Benjamin Feiner: Studies of Germanic, culture, and media studies at the university of Regensburg. Participation in the Bayrische Akademie des Schreibens, finalist of the PULS reading series 2013. Freelance author, performed, among others, at the W1, the Dombrowsky bookstore, the Literaturcafe and many more.

Period and Registration

Laboratory (in English, max. 20 attendees):
Degginger, Workshopraum: Mo, 03/19/2018 – Tu, 03/20/2018, 3 – 5 pm.
Attendance fee: 40 € or industry accreditation.
Registration at anmeldung[at]
Die Workshopsprache ist deutsch.