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The 24th INTERNATIONALE KURZFILMWOCHE REGENSBURG / INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM WEEK REGENSBURG (short: KURZFILMWOCHE) will supposably take place from 2018-03-14 until 2018-03-21. The festival is hold by the non-profit organization Arbeitskreis Film Regensburg e.V.. In case of doubt, the German version will apply.
By submitting a short film at our festival, these terms are accepted.

Basic Facts

1. Only short films up to 30 minutes in total will be accepted.
2. The year of production is 2016 oder 2017.
3. Only short films up to 30 minutes in total will be accepted.
4. Already submitted films are not allowed to be submitted again.
5. Submission season for all competitions: 2017-06-01 until 2017-10-31.
6. The assignment to a competition category is based on the country of production. See Festival Sections for further details.
7. The pre-selection committee proposes individual submissions for the special program.
8. A screening fee will not be payed as an entry fee will not be charged. See Fees for further details.

Festival Sections

The organizers reserve the right to move submissions to other competitions. The organizers might also decide to accept films with over length. All submissions will be rated by two independent pre-selectors. The juries are present during the festival and watch the films with the audience. It might be necessary to deviate form one of these rules.
1. International Competition
Open to all genres and countries. Duration: max 30 Min.
Juries: International Jury, Jury of the Young, Architect Jury, Audience.
Possible Awards: Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR) Short Film Award (Main Festival Award, EUR 5.000), Short Film Prize of the City of Regensburg (EUR 1.000), Architecture Film Award (EUR 1.500), Kinokneipen-Preis (Audience Award, EUR 333).
2. German Competition
Only for German productions. Open to all genres. Duration: max 30 Min.
Juries: German Jury, Architecture Jury, Audience.
Possible Awards: Candis Award (EUR 1.500), Max-Bresele-Memory-Award (EUR 500), Architecture film Award (EUR 1.500), Kinokneipen-Preis (Audience Award, EUR 333).
3. Window to Architecture
Only for productions from EU member countries. Open to all genres. Duration: max 30 Min.
Only for films, which are particularly concerned with the topic of architecture.
Jury: Architecture Jury.
Award: Architecture film Award (EUR 1.500).
4. Window to Bavaria
Only for shorts produced in the Federal State of Bavaria. Open to all genres. Duration: max 30 Min.
Juries: FFF Bayern Jury, Architecture Jury.
Possible Awards: FFF Bayern Advancement Award (EUR 1.500).
5. Window to the Region
Only for productions from the East Bavarian region (German postal code area: 84, 92, 93 and 94). Open to all genres. Duration: max 30 Min.
Juries: FFF Bayern Jury, Window to the Region Jury.
Possible awards: FFF Bayern Advancement Award (EUR 1.500), Award (EUR 500).
6. Special Program
Entries might be selected for the competition as well as for the special program. Special programs are curated programs of submitted films and/or archive films, e.g. school programs, programs focussing on a certain country or a special topic and kids’ and youth programs. The curators are responsible for the final selection. A detailed description on the program will be sent along with the announcement.

Preview Copy

1. Previews in non-English or non-German language need English subtitles burned in.
2. Trailers are not accepted.
3. Submissions that will need a registration for download or online preview, will be ignored.
4. Submitted preview files that have been (re)moved during the preselection phase, will be ignored.
5. Password protected submissions without any or wrong password will be ignored.
6. Do not send any kind of additional info materials (e.g. press kits, scripts, stills, trailer) unless we ask for them.

Published Data

1. All information of the selected shorts for catalog and website, especially contact details, metadata and synopsis, are taken as provided by the entry process.
2. KURZFILMWOCHE reserves the right for modifications.

Selection Process, Commitment and Rejection

1. Each entry will be rated by two individual pre-selectors and recommended for a competition program and/or a special program.
2. The final selection for the competing films will approximately be published on the homepage of the Internationale KURZFILMWOCHE Regensburg and announced via social media used by the KURZFILMWOCHE on 2018-02-01.
3. In addition, all selected submitters will be emailed and asked for additional material needed.
4. When submitting via shortfilmdepot, status and notification emails need to be checked carefully.
5. Withdrawing of a selected film by the submitter must be reported 5 days the latest after the official announcement.
6. The KURZFILMWOCHE will send an email about the rejection on 2018-02-15.

Screening Copy

1. The screening format for the competitions is DCI conformed 2K-DCP (24 or 25 FPS, InterOpt or SMPTE).
2. The DCP starts with the first frame of the film and ends with the last frame. No leader or tail is allowed.
3. DCPs with non-English or non-German language must have English subtitles. Subtitles should not be burned in (open subs). We recommend English subtitles for German dialogs.
4. The Title Safe Area has to be respected especially for subtitles. DCPs in Scope format might be cropped on top and bottom.
5. The submitter is responsible to send a unencrypted and tested DCP until 2018-02-18. We do accept download links and on demand, we provide access to our ftp server.
6. The software DCP-o-matic is recommended to create your DCP. KURZFILMWOCHE provides contact to external partners in case you are not able to create a DCP. See Fees for more information.
7. A non-DCP version for the offline video library and as backup is a must.
8. In any case of troubles, the KURZFILMWOCHE has to be informed as soon as possible.
9. Details will come with the commitment email.

Legal Rights

1. All rights, e.g. copyrights, are clarified by the submitter.
2. The KURZFILMWOCHE, in resp. the Arbeitskreis Film Regensburg e.V., will assume no liability.
3. The KURZFILMWOCHE gets temporary screening rights free of charges for the screenings during the festival. This includes the offline video library for accredited persons, school programs, promoting the KURZFILMWOCHE (e.g. excerpts for the festival trailer and kick-off screenings) and follow-up programs (likewise prize winners and audience favorite programs).
4. As long as not declared otherwise, the KURZFILMWOCHE will keep a copy of the preview file in the festival’s archive.
5. Film files and prints are insured by the festival at their copy value.
6. Deliveries from non-EU countries must be marked as “No commercial value – for cultural purposes only”. Please include a pro-forma invoice with a value of less than EUR / US$ 20 in total.
7. In case of additional costs due to a false statement, the KURZFILMWOCHE will charge the submitter.
8. The sender has to cover all costs for sending the film copy in time. The festival will return or forward the copy after the festival on the festival’s expense.


1. No entry fee is required.
2. Using the submission platform shortfilmdepot results in a small service fee. KURZFILMWOCHE does not have any influence on this fee.
3. Costs may result when external partners of the KURZFILMWOCHE are asked to produce a DCP. KURZFILMWOCHE does not have any influence on this but might take charges over.

Contact and post address

Please find contact details here.

Award Founders

The KURZFILMWOCHE expressly thanks all award founders and long-standing partners:
Bayerischer Rundfunk, Stadt Regensburg, FFF Bayern, Schmack Immobilen GmbH,, Architekturkreis Regensburg, TANO, Bund Deutscher Bauherren, Kartenhauskollektiv, Kinokneipe, Filmgalerie

Submit your film

Submitting your short is only possible from June 1st – October 31st.
Click here to start the submission.