Filmgalerie at Leerer Beutel

PublikumFilmgalerieWEBklein_01The Leerer Beutel is a historic civic masonry and the centre of the International Short Film Week Regensburg. Here you find the cinema filmgalerie, the International Short Film Week office, the info counter, a gallery, the jazz club, the restaurant Leerer Beutel and the Short Film Week-Café, where you’ll meet the guests and hosts all day long. And sometimes until late at night for the Foyerstellenparty.

Thursday, 15.03.2018

Friday, 16.03.2018

Saturday, 17.03.2018

Sunday, 18.03.2018

Monday, 19.03.2018

Tuesday, 20.03.2018

Wednesday, 21.03.2018

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Bertoldstr. 9
93047 Regensburg